Salad Anyone?

Funny Signs - Salad Anyone?

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

If nothing else, this explains the smell coming from the broom closet.

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33 Responses to Salad Anyone?

  1. Therry says:

    What is a “stuadin”?

    • 5150 says:

      It’s “stupidity”. I guess the author of this note got very passionate towards the end and lost it with her handwriting.

  2. Apel Mjausson says:

    Ugh, Dieffenbachia. If you’re going to grow toxic plants, at least choose pretty ones.

  3. Robbie says:

    Yep, dieffenbachia, otherwise known as dumb cane. Looks enough like sugar cane that some people try to eat it.

    Not toxic, strictly speaking, but contains sharp calcium crystals that will make the tongue, mouth, and throat burn and swell. Hence the name “dumb cane” because the eater is likely to lose the power of speech for a while. Seldom dangerous, just a very nasty experience.

  4. BS_machine says:

    i wonder if they meant “situation”?

    • 5150 says:

      Nah, they meant “stupidity”. Blame it on their passionate response ruining their handwriting.

  5. bobby says:

    WTF? what is that even supposed to mean?????

    • Ford says:

      It says, “Stupidity.”

      Maybe this is the reason people correct their typos online, even though it’s blatantly obvious what they MEANT to type.

  6. Sarge says:

    Om nom nom nom nom nom

  7. Kris L says:

    Well, at least they give you a straight message. I’ve never really understood why people deliberately put poisonous plants indoors. I always figured most people just didn’t know that they were poisonous.

    If you have cats or dogs, watch out for the plants they encounter. You’d be surprised at what is toxic for them.

    • 5150 says:

      Considering this looks like an office setting, I can’t understand why there has to be a sign at all!! do people really come by the desk, see the plant, and think “yup, I should eat this”? An office is probably the only setting where a poisonous plant should be safe, no?

  8. legitim8 says:

    On the other hand those caught smoking plants will be asked to share.

  9. The sign most likely addresses pets in the house.

  10. orion says:

    Even if not toxic, why would anyone want to eattt any plants?
    (multiple-t pun intended).

  11. Fuffydud says:

    What is a stuadin????

  12. bobby says:

    WTF? what is that even supposed to mean?????

  13. faeriemama says:

    They spelled eating wrong…

  14. Cookie McCool says:

    Too bad cats can’t read.

  15. Yinna says:

    Sigh… it says STUPIDITY – not Stuadin… people.

  16. Maximus says:

    It looks like the lizard sticker is about to eat it.

  17. Anna says:

    You would be surprised at what some people will do. I had a high school art teacher who had a “Do NOT eat the plants!” sign on her large potted plant display (it was something like a 9 foot tall tropical beast) because a few years back, a junior student decided to pretend to be a stegosaurus and took a bite of the prehistoric looking plant…that happened to cause his face to puff up and his throat to close off because it was toxic to humans. She had warned him not to, but when a teenager is determined…you get the picture. He had to be rushed to the ER and she put up a sign to keep others from doing the same dumb thing.

  18. eriatarka says:

    So, this is a common problem in this person’s office?

  19. attsaifa says:

    Those bringing interesting plants to work are asked to choose less trippy ones.

  20. Rottiluv says:

    I think the “stupidithy” has to do with lisping as your throat and tongue swell up.

    Although I too am wondering who this is aimed at. Either particularly stupid members of the human race, or particularly intelligent pets that can read?

  21. kitty says:

    MMM toxic plant…tastes like..i might die.

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