What a Disappointment

Funny Signs - What a Disappointment

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

That’s the entire reason I CAME to Rattlesnake Creek.

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12 Responses to What a Disappointment

  1. Desert Dave says:

    Are they saying no rattlesnakes allowed? How do they enforce it?

  2. A Noun says:

    They upgraded to Piano Snakes.

    (No squaws)

  4. nobody_special says:

    Wonder if there’s any water, either . . .

  5. DeadBob says:

    I have seen a number of streams and creeks with only occasional water.
    But then, I lived in Arizona for a few years.

  6. claybee says:


    (It is Richmond, isn’t it?)

  7. David says:

    Yup, Cherokee Road, just south of Huguenot in Richmond, VA 😉

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