Mixed Gender Messages

Submitted by: Baltimore Airport via Oddly Specific

I suppose that’s one way to stop politicians from meeting up in the bathroom stalls.

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36 Responses to Mixed Gender Messages

  1. depidepi says:

    Well , we know one more fact about guys now xD

  2. Junkyard says:

    Okay, so there’s a picture of a man, and underneath it says “men”. Also, no smoking, and baby-changing facilities. Can someone help me out spotting the mixed gender message?

    • piece says:

      its a woman in the baby changing image

    • Rehevkor says:

      The figure in the baby-changing picture is wearing a dress. In the men’s room.

    • Sanna says:

      so in the future, men’s restroom facilities that also have baby-changing stations ( to allow fathers taking care of their children while out in public to do important things like change their children’s diapers in a timely and sanitary fashion ) should have a sign denoting ‘baby changing station’ that utilizes a figure that doesn’t wear a dress.

      I, for one, am simpley very happy that some men’s restrooms even have baby changing stations in the first place. But ohs nos, we have to get all uppity about the presence of a skirt on a sign.

    • 5150 says:

      Well, I agree with you; however, since this website isn’t promoting any social changes or norms, it’s promoting odd signs, I think this sign’s funny. That’s all.

    • Lizard King says:

      You [WIN]

    • Tash says:

      I totally agree with you, It’s difficult to find any restrooms in some places with baby changing stations, let alone mens. I’m glad they are starting to appear My father rarely took us kids and give my mom a break in stores and restaurant, simply because he couldn’t.

      The woman in the picture is, however, kind of funny.

    • Elwood J says:

      I, for one, am glad to see that there are finally places where drag queens can take care of their infants, too.

    • Furriner says:

      You sure it isn’t a raincoat?

    • Sam says:

      Maybe it’s a kilt?

    • Pixie says:

      win for kilts!

    • kittykaterz says:

      here’s the image again, i edited it so that the woman changing the baby is circled in yellow

  3. Stacy says:

    The stick figure in the baby-changing icon is a woman, hence the mixed genders.

    It’s not hilarious to me, either. There probably isn’t much call for male baby-changing stickers. I’m just surprised/glad that there’s a baby changing station in the men’s restroom– I’m sure the situation comes up, and it saves a father from changing the baby in the sink or some other unfortunate situation.

  4. klara says:

    he’s obviously scottish

    • benstep11 says:

      Now we know it’s just a wet diaper….

      But if he’s NOT Scottish then it’s CRAP!

    • Hai Dee says:


    • Uuummm... says:


    • Music-chan says:

      haha, baby changing area for men in kilts?

    • Carl T says:

      The joke is of course that you’ll very rarely find changing areas in men’s toilets in Scotland. Though an otherwise family-friendly pub I used to go to didn’t have any for women either. But at least the majority of women don’t piss all over the floor, walls, toilet seats and sinks, at least not that early in the evening (they don’t allow children after 8-ish).

    • Lizard King says:

      I know you made a smart comment, but I honestly only payed attention at the fact that it ends with 8-ish and I immediately tought of 😎 That is all.

  5. Karasu says:

    Obvious answer of the day: where else are men going to get their diapers changed?

  6. Lou Mario says:

    The fun part is that the company that makes those signs didnt have ones with man changing dipers… besides thats perfeclty normal.. i had to change ones dipers ocne at the mens bath 😛

  7. Personage says:

    I…. don’t get it. Dads change diapers, sometimes, right?

  8. FlonkertonChamp says:

    maybe it’s a scottish restroom

  9. Philip says:

    Finally sexism on the front page! Truly, this is a great day in the history of oddlyspecific.

    • sora says:

      Yes. My thinking exactly.

      There is no baby changing station sign with a male taking care of a baby. Why? Women take care of babies. So until there is, men have to wear DRESSES while they take care of their babies in the men’s room. Who wears the pants in that family?

  10. sheepdean says:

    The new sign for that is a genderless stickperson changing the child. But still, this is just the company using a sign saying changing rooms available. Yay for preconceived gender roles!

  11. Carpe Diem says:

    That isn’t a “no smoking” sign, that is the ” Smelly tips prohibited” sign.

  12. Carpe Diem says:

    Oh, and make sure to wear a kilt while you tickle the folded stickman.

  13. Matt says:

    To you broads complaining:

    What the hell are you doing on a computer? Get back in the kitchen!

    • 5150 says:

      While I’m in the kitchen, why don’t you go take a nice, deep sleep? Lorena Bobbit has taught us all well.

  14. Anon says:

    Are we not men … in skirts?

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