Well…Your Stamens Are Killing Me!

Funny Signs - Well...Your Stamens Are Killing Me

Submitted by: California Academy of Sciences via Oddly Specific

Can’t you hear all those tiny screams?!

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12 Responses to Well…Your Stamens Are Killing Me!

  1. ..... says:

    Especially this year, F-you, pollen.

  2. Erin says:

    I really wish I could go there and put a piece of paper on it and make it say “Stop this beat is killing me!” for hackedirl 😛

  3. justme says:

    Actually a pretty cute sign!

  4. botany guy says:

    Aaghh. To whomever wrote the title:

    “Stamen” is singular, so the verb should be in the singular, unless you meant multiple stamens, in which case the plural “stamens” should be used. However, I suspect you actually meant “pollen”, which is usually treated as an uncountable noun (and would hence take verbs in the singular), because complete stamens rarely cause anyone any harm (pollen being contained within anthers, two of which make up a portion of (most) stamens). Given the apparent reference to allergies, use of “stamen” implies that you are stuffing entire stamens up your nose, which, although an entertaining mental image, is likely inaccurate.

    • chwazymoto says:

      I did mean stamen, actually, as a reference to something, like feet, that is actually a physical part of the plant. It was less about allergies and more about the idea that the plants would be injuring someone with their stamens. Thanks for the correction, though!

  5. skeptic says:

    You and me both, mate. You and me both.

    [takes off shoes]
    [lets out sigh of relief]
    [sits heavily on nice green surface]

  6. smo says:

    is it me, or is that comma backward?

  7. aaghh says:

    botany guy killed almost every ounce of enjoyment I got from seeing this sign posted.

    Anyway, there are a few of these signs around the NIH campus in Bethesda, MD too. I’ve always liked them.

  8. eniferxam says:

    i wonder how they put the sign up without stepping on the plants.

  9. Momo-Deary says:

    Oh my god, this is too funny. I was JUST there no more than a week ago! I saw that sign and thought it was cute, it’s right next to the “aviary” which disappointingly held only a one-winged vulture, when it had signs indicating 3 more birds…
    Great place to go! (aside from the weird sign) 🙂

  10. Snake says:

    Phew, so I’m NOT insane after all!

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