Blinding Nemo

Funny Signs - Blinding Nemo

Submitted by: On vacation via Oddly Specific

Any of you ever fished using one of these methods? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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131 Responses to Blinding Nemo

  1. Nick says:

    I can’t see what the one on the top-right says, any help? :/

  2. Becca says:

    Well, not personally, but my great-uncle once had an issue with some particularly nasty pike in his lake – they’d come to the surface and eat ducklings! They ran an electric current through the lake and the pike floated to the surface.


    • RandomGamer says:

      Simpsons the movie anyone?!?

    • Dr. Dot says:

      Why strange? Pike hearts work on electricity just the way ours do (for heavily modified versions of “just the way ours do”, of course). And ducklings are a good source of protein for a growing fish.

    • Sheik Yerbouti says:

      Yes, but how much current would you need to run “through the lake” for it to have any effect on a bunch of fish?

    • ShaunOTD says:

      Less than you’d think.
      A lot of fish are attracted by electric fields, so if you put two (DC) electrodes in the water, they’ll swim toward one, until they’re close enough for the current to stun them. Then they float to the surface because of their swim bladder. It only knocks them out for seconds/minutes though – which is enough for the biological study I was doing at the time.

    • Jabbathehurt says:

      Mythbusters did an episode on shooting fish in a barrel and found that the shock wave from the bullet entering the water would be enough to kill the fish, you don’t even need to aim. Although with a lake it might not work as well as a barrel.

    • yo-yo says:

      I knew a marine biologist that would kill fish with electricity to see what kinds of fish were in a pond. I also have know someone that would sometimes fish with small bombs for an easy meal. I have never tried to airlift a fish before. Nor have I BP’d them to death. I never even thought of using a shop vac, but I like the idea.

  3. Foosnark says:

    Maybe that’s all BP is doing… fishing with toxic substances.

  4. WTF says:

    Why the hell is this thing odd?!

    • Southern Tradition! says:

      Normally signs are not so ODDLY SPECIFIC.
      As in, normally a sign would not have so many illegal ways to catch fish, it may instead say ‘no fishing using illegal devices’ and/or just have a written list of ways that are illegal.

    • Chris says:

      Because I don’t normally think of fishing by using electrical devices or explosives.

    • Goose says:

      But you wanna try it now, dont ya?

    • Shadow Da Human says:

      Most Certainly, Yes

  5. steelcobra says:

    Heh, was watching a documentary yesterday where scientists were catching snakeheads by stunning the fish with electricity and grabbing the ones they were after.

  6. ragingsalmon says:

    An explosion in the water will stun or kill a bunch of fish and make them float to the top – used to be more common than it is today. Also, some toxins will do the same sort of thing if added to the water. That’s a pretty common method with some tribes in…South America, I think.

    • Sari Everna says:

      You’re thinking of rotenone, I believe. It takes very little to knock out the fish, and there isn’t enough in the fish to harm the people who eat them.

      Completely unrelated, but I wanted to add the phrase “rapidly expanding bait” to this page.

  7. Erik says:

    Actually, the dredging one is fairly widespread…and the electricity one is used on the Simpsons…

  8. Seibee says:

    And no hoovering the fish.

  9. markowe says:

    Actually, yes, people (poachers, they are usually called) use all those tactics to illegally catch fish, and more besides. Seems funny to see it like that on a sign, but it’s a big problem in my part of the world (Eastern Europe) too. Electricity and dynamite are favourites…

  10. Keith says:

    Cyanide is pretty commonly used to fish, believe it or not. It tends to kill more than the fish…

  11. dsanders says:

    I have seen a lot of fish caught using electricity. Many wildlife management agencies use that method to catch large amounts of fish in a body of water to determine populations, health and other information. Basically, there is a boat with arms that stick out of the front that give the fish a mild shock so that they’ll float to the surface. Then they are scooped up with nets, studied and set free.

  12. Jay Jay says:

    sadly, those type of fishing exists. Here (north of argentina) some idiots poisoned an entire lake!!! All fish died

  13. anwa says:

    Oh, I mean, I go fishing with an electric cattle prong all the time. Shocks me as much as it does the fish….
    Seriously, who would actually do this?

  14. markowe says:

    Read above – poachers would, and do. Easy way to pull in fish.

  15. mick says:

    The electric shock is used by Game & Wildlife departments to stun fish for surveys and samples. I used to repair the electric control device when I worked for ODNR. The guys told me it was really effective!

  16. Snookie_Townshend says:

    Fishing with explosives is a time-honored southern tradition – my Uncle Bobby blew a hole in the bottom of a bass boat one time doing it. He and my two other uncles made it to shore okay. The boat – not so much. It’s probably still somewhere at the bottom of the Cache River.

    • Truth says:

      I prefer spear fishing.

      Though I always catch and release.

    • Groundhog says:

      Yeah right. How long do you think the fish will live after you “release” it when its got a hole through its side. Don’t lie just to sound cool. You don’t spear fish. you fish forums.

    • Zocktoast says:

      Uh, I think that’s the point. I’m pretty sure he’s joking, since you can’t “catch and release” a speared fish. A crass joke, but a joke nonetheless.

    • 5150 says:

      Wouldn’t the big holes in their sides provided by your spear fishing technique make a lot of resistance while the fish are swimming away?

      You just sound dumb.

    • Foo says:

      Previous repliers lern2humor.

    • Boats says:

      Sarcasm detection fail.

    • Jarrod says:

      catch and release spear fishing? you have won 1000 internets

    • Southern Tradition! says:

      Being in the South, I have seen people shoot fire-works into a pond until sommin floats up.

    • Red Diamond says:

      Two old boys named Billy Bob and Leroy were famous for always catching lots of fish. They never got skunked; in fact they always had a trunk full of fish every trip. And, they were usually home by 8:00 a.m., every morning, to boot!

      This started the new Game Warden, Caleb, to thinking that there might be something fishy (no pun intended) about their methods, so one day he asked Billy Bob if he could go fishing with them. Billy Bob says, “Sure, you betcha, by golly!”

      Bright and early the next morning (a little before dawn), Billy Bob and Leroy come driving up to Caleb’s house to pick him up. They get out on the lake about daybreak and, as it begins to turn light, Billy Bob winds the old motor down at a likely looking spot and stops the boat.

      Caleb looks around the boat and discovers there’s not a single tackle box or fishing rod aboard! He asks Billy Bob, “How are we gonna catch fish with no tackle or rods?”

      Billy Bob says, “Sitting here all day just to catch one or two fish on a pole seems to us to be a mighty big waste of time, so me and Leroy, we use dynamite.”

      Caleb turns to Billy Bob and says, “What do you mean?! You can’t fish with dynamite; that’s against the law!”

      About that time, Leroy tosses a lit stick of dynamite to the warden and says, “You gonna talk all morning, or are you gonna fish?”

    • KatAttack says:

      WIN! I love it!

    • Blaze says:


  17. Jessica says:

    Dynamite in a rock-filled jar (so it, uh, stays down) works extremely well. It doesn’t kill most of the fish in the area of boom, it stuns them. The ones closest to the explosion basically get their swim bladder broken and they float to the surface where they’re easy to pick up. And, just for the record, this is something an older relative of mine did as a teenager, not my own exploits.

  18. ummm says:

    The Japanese should also put up signs that say
    “No killing dolphins and whales”
    I think that’s pretty destructive, no?

  19. Captain Obvious says:

    My wife is Chinese, and her parents told of times when they used dynamite or car batteries to “fish.” Crazy.

  20. markowe says:

    Oh, don’t think this one is on the sign – another trick is using a butane gas bottle (like for your camping stove whatever) and pumping gas into the water. The fish just suffocate and float right up…

  21. Phelps says:

    Electricity is the easiest. Get a surplus army field telephone. Drop the leads in the water. Turn the crank. Collect the fish that float to the top.

    And don’t get caught by the warden with the field telephone.

  22. Lein says:

    i think this would make a great episode on mythbusters

  23. Batman says:

    *touches fish*

  24. SSG Jeff (USAR) says:

    Fishing with hand grenades can be pretty popular in war zones…

  25. djrussell says:

    remember the beginning of crocodile dundee (2?). he was dynamite fishing.

    also, that’s a really nice sign.

  26. Mrielel says:

    well, you know what they say, there’s no fish like an electrified fish…. 😉

  27. Jayeyek says:


  28. Slashmolder says:

    I’ve attempted the electricity methods before, it doesn’t work at all. The TVs lie to you.

    • FishFryer says:

      As a scientist, I study fish populations by electrofishing. I promise you, it works on fish, frogs, salamanders, crayfish, and careless people.

    • ShaunOTD says:

      As another scientist, I promise you FishFryer is telling the truth.
      Were you using AC or DC? And how far apart were your electrodes?

  29. katie says:

    While I’ve never used any myself, I have been scuba diving and heard the far off booms of dynamite fishing. Also, I have heard of toxins being used to stun fish so they can be brought back to China to be sold alive in tanks. Those methods are definitely more common than they look.

  30. Eludya says:

    I’m not sure if this counts… apparently my Uncle and my Godfather were at my Grandmother’s cabin one summer and decided to build a potato gun out of spare parts they had laying around. They then fired it into the lake the cabin sits on… and a dead muskellunge floated to the surface a bit past where the potato splashed into the water.

  31. Mel says:

    This is actually quite a legit sign, people in China do poach fish with those methods.

  32. ragingsalmon says:

    For all those people bitching at the guy who mentioned spear-fishing catch-and-release, not all spear-fishing hurts the fish. A great way to spear-fish uses a “spear” with a sort of Y-shaped end. Fish get caught in the prongs and can be released afterward. Please don’t be nasty and self-righteous if you don’t really know what *you* are talking about.

  33. Eel says:

    I go fishing with my shop-vac all the time. Helps get some of the dust off the lake floor too. 😉

  34. awesomepossum says:

    I totally saw this sign… I have the same picture of it too! It’s in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong, so everyone saying China was right. (More or less, depending on your political stance)

  35. Reaper4012 says:

    hmmm… tried explosives they work nicely. electricity doesn’t work that well if u cant do it large scale

  36. G. James says:

    So fishing by thresher is OK?

  37. Lark says:

    No, I haven’t… but next time, I plan to fish with explosives.

  38. cargirl says:

    I’ve heard of putting a jar of diesel into a bag of fertilizer and then shooting at it to ignite. And yes, I’m talking about fishing.

    • Goose says:

      Sounds like something my uncles would/have tried at some point.

    • kait says:

      the easy way to blow’em up is to puncture ping pong balls, fill with gunpowder, & a long fuse (waterproof) then cover thickly with clay. I’ve made these for my dad. They work as long as the hole in the ball is small. Enjoy!
      BTW, he’s dead so he doesn’t use ’em anymore. And the field phone really works great too, but make sure you aren’t in the water too. Shocked the hell out of himself with that one!

  39. Bored_Traceur says:

    I ahve an uncle up in Missouri with a couple lakes on his property (1,500 acres. He raises cattle.) H stocks the lakes with bluegills and large-mouth bass for fun. We go fishing every year. He has a friend that owns a small-scale local fireworks company, and does explosive demolition. He makes these cherry bombs on steroids with some wax covered fuses. We’ll like the 9 inch fuse, chuck the mini-cardboard-based grenade into the lake, and then boat around hauling up fish that we then grill for dinner. Yes, we are pyros, but it doesn’t even come close to the kinds of things my other uncle used to do as a teen…

    • loremasterstl says:

      This happens a lot in Missouri, with people collecting/stockpiling weapons for ah… “innovative” hunting methods, like deer hunting with grenades.

      I think the sign is saying that the fish have electricity resist 10, poison resist 10, fire resist 15, sonic resist 15, and a +10 to Escape Artist checks. But they don’t have damage reduction, so a shotgun should work at close-to-medium range, if these are d20 OGL fish.

    • crazycat says:

      i love fire…

  40. Daktari Ambaye says:

    My grandpa, who used to be an Air Force pilot, and his buddies fished with depth charges when they were based in Pearl Harbor. This was pre- December 7th, when the guys there had a fair amount of free time.

  41. LtDanWV says:

    I’ve been fishing with explosives. Although it wasn’t exactly on purpose. I made a pipe bomb, and then discovered that such devices are illegal, so I got rid of it by throwing it in a lake. Apparently it got triggered somewhere along the process, because it lifted a plume of water a good 30-40 feet into the air, as well as brought a large number of dead and/or knocked-out fish to the surface…

  42. doug says:

    The antique telephones with the hand cranks generate enough electricity to stun fish in small ponds. attach wires, throw the wire into the water, crank several times and collect fish.

  43. dreptungeek says:

    Came for SG-1 quote, leaving disappointed…

    • Emma says:

      Lol what does Stargate have to do with this? I’ll give you a quote anyway… “Indeed.” XD

    • dreptungeek says:

      It has everything to do with it… you’re not an SG-1 fan, I guess.
      Here it is, anyway:

      [Maybourne tosses an explosive in the lake to ‘catch’ some fish]
      Colonel Jack O’Neill: That is just wrong on so many levels.

    • Kate says:

      Well, d’oh. Of course Jack thinks it’s wrong – he prefers to sit on his dock with his pole and pretend there are fish in his pond. As much as I love O’Neill, I’m with Maybourne on this one (never thought I’d say that) – if you have explosives, a lake, and fish actually live in the lake, and you need to catch fish fast, why not?

  44. Alice says:

    I have witnessed my father using explosives in a lake to kill fish. I don’t know why he and his friends did it, they sure didn’t eat any of them (I wouldn’t have anyway, the lake was polluted). The smell was terrible though! Dead fish floating on the surface of that lake for days in the middle of the summer, worst smell ever!

  45. Rukia says:

    Explosives work pretty well….as long as you dont actually hit the fish otherwise you just get a big mess

  46. Tommy Subauto says:

    Darn it! all the best ways to catch fish! seriously, has anyone every tried to bomb fish out of the water? its EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. southern boy says:

    We used to tie M-80’s(large waterproof firecrackers) to a rock and blasting minnows up to the surface for bait!

  48. Luckeux says:


  49. FunCrusher says:

    Every fishing no-no on that sign would make fishing far more interesting than “pole-fishing”.

    I can’t even wrap my mind around “toxic waste fishing” though. Do you eat your catch? Do you touch it and throw it back? Where does one get said toxic waste for fishing? Do you siphon it from a local factory or does walmart sell fishing toxins in the sporting department?

    • Try This at Home says:

      Actually, Household Cleaner Section… TRY THIS!

      Take a Cinder Block, a few feet of Kite String, An empty 2Ltr Soda Bottle (pespi or coke, doesn’t matter), about 2 square ft of tin foil (shredded and put into the bottle), and the bathroom cleaner called “The Works”.

      Tie the kite string to the cinder block and the neck of the soda bottle. make sure it’s tight.

      pour about a 1/4 cup of “The Works” into the soda bottle and cap tightly.

      Toss the cinder block and bottle overboard, quickly. Move away about 10-20 feet.

      get fishnet ready and wait for fish to float up…

      “The Works” contains a solution of 20% Sodium Hydroxide as the cleaning agent, which reacts quickly with the tin foil, producing Gaseous Hydrogen and Heat. The pressure inside the bottle will breach the bottle at about 90 PSI differential from the surrounding environment. (about 300 PSI at a depth of 10 FT)

      Fun to do on land as well, for a big noise maker. may break windows if done indoors.

  50. elphie says:

    Electricity is a common ‘fishing’ method when dealing with the asian carp invasion.

  51. Tyhm says:

    Been a while, but my dad had the Indiana Fish and Wildlife catalog with a 2 page list of the ways you Can’t legally fish. All the abovestated, but they also went out of their way to prohibit fishing by hand, fish-tickling (apparently someone tried to insist that’s NOT fishing with your bare hands), knife (see above), and my favorite, crossbow.
    The thought that someone must have tried it often enough for them to have to say it…

  52. me says:

    One person in my dad’s hometown in China wanted to stun fish to catch. He got dynamite. He lost his right hand.

  53. ArmadilloJr says:

    I once caught a fish with a Hole Punch. It’s my friend’s fault for saying that the fish were ‘Wholemeal’ Fish.

  54. homerunman says:

    i threw a bug zapper in the water once…didnt do anything

  55. tasteelingus says:

    “Fire in the hole!! Well, Ned, I think we’ve about hit our limit for the day.” “MMMMMYEPPER”….Just remember, hunting sober is like fishing…sober.

  56. Bob Loblaw says:

    Dynamite fishing is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s stoopid to sit around all day with a pole getting drunk when a stick o dyno-mite gets the job done before breakfast!

  57. simbr says:

    Never fished full stop, but I once worked with people at the Environment Agency who use electrofishing for surveying fish populations.

    • Overtall says:

      I work for the LA Dept. of Env. Quality, and they use electrofishing regularly. The fish are brought in with nets and sent to the Lab for contaminant testing, mostly mercury and the like. This is quite common.

  58. honki007 says:

    Well, in other words, Welcome to Hong Kong, the land of (fishing) ideas 😀

  59. Raxon says:

    I love bow fishing! Also, you’d be amazed at the wonderful things you can toss into the water to catch fish! My personal favorite is basically about two dozen hooks each on a one foot length, so that when I cast it, it floats down and hooks the yummy tasty fishies, whether they bite or not!

  60. Ertdfg says:

    You remember how you’re daddy used you say you can only fish for so long before you got to throw a stick of dynamite in the water?

  61. Argetva says:

    It may be a bit impractical for most, but I find that by partially draining the pond or lake (it doesn’t work to drain gulfs, oceans, river mouths, rivers etc.) one can usually catch a few fish with a basket or small fishing net as they get pulled out with the water.
    Its best to use an artificial lake with a drainage overflow spout. simply remove the grate, bars, or whatever is used to keep the fish from draining away, move to the spout or opening the water flows out of, and catch the fish as they are pulled out by the water.
    Note: make sure to replace the grate/bars/mechanism before you leave… people get fussy about that for some reason… something like “the fish are all gone” or some silly nonsense like that. The fish are still there, they’re just hiding on the bottom.
    That is to say, the ones that are left are hiding on the bottom.

  62. Carlos says:

    this is actually a sign in Hong Kong’s Sai Kung beach. saw it a month ago when i was there

  63. Jason says:

    I have tried the electricity one one Asian Silver Carp. That was crazy awesome. Suddenly fish in the air, thousands of them.

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