Do You Believe?

Funny Signs - Do You Believe?

Submitted by: sonic_cherry via Oddly Specific

You’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel karmically balanced?”

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28 Responses to Do You Believe?

  1. UKSponge360 says:

    Rebirth as a tiger?

  2. aapje nl says:

    if you rebirth as a cow you’ll die twice

  3. Scott says:

    Rebirth as tiger poop.

  4. Michael says:

    Is that a Dirty Harry reference?

  5. yaya says:

    Shouldn’t the caption be “Do you belive”?

  6. Pie says:

    This should be on epic win, heh.

  7. TheCannyScot says:

    Well, do ya, punk?

  8. Eel says:

    That has got to be the most bad ass caution sign i have ever seen.

    @chris – I am guessing that is saying stay out of the tiger pen. So, you are saying anyone who goes in there should be eaten by tigers twice? 😉

  9. the raven says:

    i find this sign more win than “oddly specific.” kudos to whoever came up with that.

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  11. Zenkatzer says:

    I love this sign.
    Do. Not. F@#%. With. Tigrrrs!

  12. mssnrykd says:

    If you feed yourself to the tigers, is that good kharma?

  13. robert ot says:

    that sign is punk!

  14. MomusTATW says:

    lol win

  15. ShadowHeart says:

    Maybe it roughly means that you need to respect the animals before going near them? Since reincarnation focuses on respecting all life

    • Saffiyya says:

      If it weren’t in hindi i would say it’s a warning sign that the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) were active in the region…

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