Ran Out Of Slogans

Funny Signs - Ran Out Of Slogans

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Really good.

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34 Responses to Ran Out Of Slogans

  1. ZJ says:

    It’s REEEALLLY Good…

    • Altrissa says:

      Actually that sign is pretty accurate. The other half of the sign should read “..But not as good as Lego Star Wars.”

    • Truth says:

      It’s just as good. It’s just not as original, since it’s essentially exactly the same.

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      No, Altrissa is right. Lego Batman is the weakest in the series. Both Lego Indiana Jones games are good though. And I think I played Lego Star Wars more than my kids. 😀

    • Lolrus says:

      ur wrong . here are some game ratings:
      lego batman-sucks
      Lego indiana jones: the original adventures-FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!
      lego indiana jones 2-SUCKS
      Lego star wars(all of dem)-9.7 out of 10(graphics)

  2. Batman says:

    It’s good Robin… Just come here, between my legs… It’s good…

  3. Altrissa says:

    “Buy our game so we can afford better slogan writers!”

  4. katherine says:

    Talk about being damned by faint praise.

  5. Seibee says:

    To be fair, Batman is pretty monosyllabic..

  6. Hirayuki says:

    I do believe it goes with another poster that reads “…versus evil.”

    • ZJ says:

      Dang, wouldn’t it make more sense to put them both on the same poster???

    • tahrey says:

      is this your first time seeing split-up posters or something? it’s probably on the other side of the same aisle.

  7. A Noun says:

    This drove a higher level of sales than their previous “It’s Okay” poster.

  8. Sarge says:

    The real poster says “it’s good” and on the back it has the two face and riddler and says “to be evil”

  9. KittyVengence says:

    And the sequel’s sign will read “It’s better…”

  10. vampire squirrel says:

    This slogan was an improvement from the slogan writer’s earlier plan, which was “Meh…”

  11. Captain Obvious says:

    Someone is doing my job for me, or it is another member of the Obvious family…

  12. DA says:

    Batman, don’t stop there. It’s bat country.

  13. Lolrus says:

    Did Batman kick a field goal?

  14. RaNdOmNeSs says:


  15. Serena says:


  16. Zebrob says:

    “It’s good… to be bat.”

  17. Melion says:


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