Where’s My Thesaurus?

Funny Signs - Where's My Thesaurus?

Submitted by: The parking lot of a doctor’s office via Oddly Specific

Never mind. My car flooded while I was looking it up.

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28 Responses to Where’s My Thesaurus?

  1. Seibee says:

    What’s the point of having a sign that says the same thing two different ways?

  2. 4n0n1m0u5 says:

    So basically it says, “Flooding may occur, Vehicle may be subject to… being flooded” haha… Wow…

  3. Junkyard says:

    How would a thesaurus help?

  4. omgcheez says:

    Who need a thesaurus to understand the word “inundation”?

    • Truth says:

      I don’t know. Some people probably needed a dictionary though.

      Not everyone is as imperious and vapid as you seem to be.

    • Candi says:

      People like me. Well no I haven’t looked it up…..

    • Matt says:

      I agree, if you need a thesaurus *or* a dictionary to look this up….you’re pretty dumb. Even not knowing the word, context clues should give it away pretty clearly.

  5. Dan says:

    Flooding used to be a problem when the carburetor was inundated with gasoline. Now vehicles have injectors and computers, no carburetors, and no flooding.

  6. trapézio says:

    whenever a flooding is bound to come up may make vehicles happen to get utterly submerged under high river level circunstances……

  7. Emily says:

    Who need a thesaurus to understand the word “inundation”?

  8. Hugh says:

    Ah, tautology…

  9. AmbiguiousSquirrel says:

    Um… Don’t you mean Dictionary?

  10. curious says:

    well, if you are so ignorant that you don’t know what “inundation” means, I guess you’re going to drown.

    If you can’t look up “tautology”… then you are still going to drown.

    • zymish says:

      You’re really so judgmental as to think less of a person for not having encountered a certain word before? That’s kind of appalling.

  11. “thesaurus” = “tyrannosaurus”

  12. keithybabes says:

    Your vehicle may also be swamped, sumberged or immersed. Or get a bit wet.

  13. carriemiller says:

    There is no such event as a flood according to the Texas Department of Insurance there is only “rising water”. Tell that to Noah.

  14. Frankie says:


  15. eh says:

    Vehicle is subject to flooding during a flood… *facepalm*

  16. NickTan says:

    Who cares about the thesaurus, I need a dictionary to understand what “whhile” means.

  17. LaserLiza says:

    Or, to put it a third way… Yo’ car gonna get wet, suckaz!

  18. Leslie says:

    Thats in Glendale AZ!

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