What’s a Girl to Do?

Funny Signs - What's a Girl to Do?

Submitted by: VA truck stop restroom via Oddly Specific

Hm…your move.

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23 Responses to What’s a Girl to Do?

  1. Babz says:

    Too funny! I took an almost identical photo with my cell phone last week.
    Bet it’s the same rest stop off of I-95 🙂

  2. Geisha_Girl says:

    Lots of rest stops have put the hooks lower down because of people reaching over the stall and stealing purses that are hanging higher up. The sign is still kinda funny.

  3. SL says:

    If you want to use the hook, give your purse strap a twist. Then nobody can grab it and pull it over the door. It is so much better than setting it on the germy stall floor or tempting a thief.

  4. bananoid says:

    I think a hook formely attached to those holes on the upper left may be meant. One that could be easily accessed with a quick grab over the wall of the booth.

  5. nerfherder says:

    this is old and is a case of selective photography. just out of shot are 2 hooks one near the top sign and one near the bottom thus…

    • CC says:

      YOU are old, and a party pooper

    • Music-chan says:

      Actually, it looks to me that there used to be hooks at the top, but they removed them. Why they didn’t also remove the sign warning people not to hang things off of the now-absent top hooks is anyone’s best guess.

  6. kate says:

    I’ve been there!! and took the exact same picture.
    I hung my purse. I’m a rebel 😛

  7. Smitty says:

    Oh, no! Now I’m conflicted!

  8. Cariss says:

    HAHAHA I took this exact same pic at a VA truck stop somewhere along 83S

  9. Chass says:

    Traditionally, a coat hook is placed at the top of the inside of the stall door, unseen above the top sign in this photo. It’s dangerous to hang your purse there, as anyone can reach over the top of the door from the outside and grab your purse. The hook at the bottom of the photo is placed specifically there for purses. It’s too low to feasibly hang a coat there without it touching the floor, but perfect for hanging your purse safely.

  10. Uuummm... says:

    well, its quite obvious that after the “place purse here” sign was put in, people thought it was dumb, and complained, but the management, in all the genius, decided to put a new sign up, but didn’t take the time to remove the old. Thus causing a confliction inside us that threatens to blow up the world, so, even as we speak, top agents from around the globe are working around the clock to remove one of the signs. Problem is, different governments prefer different signs, so it becomes a secret war that could rage on forever, or until we blow up the world with our confliction

    • TychaBrahe says:

      Actually, what’s really obvious is that there used to be a hook higher up. Note the constellation of drill holes at the same level as the caution side, near the left edge of the frame. Apparently the sign wasn’t sufficient, and the hook was removed.

    • Geisha_Girl says:

      Definition of “confliction”, pls?

  11. Hope says:

    Why don’t you just hang your purse around your neck?

  12. LoopDoGG says:

    Doesnt this one belong on Friends of Irony?

  13. 5150 says:

    Why bother putting the top sign in at all? Why not just remove the top hooks and install the middle-of-the-door hooks at the same time and forget about the signs? Waste of time and money…is this California??

  14. Tired Girl says:

    I’ve used this restroom in VA and I have a similar picture of it on my phone. I just had to show everyone I knew. I thought it was too funny not to. 🙂 Wish I would have submitted it.

  15. tahrey says:

    Do not trust the pusher robot, Pushing will protect you, do you have stairs in your house?

    Do not trust the shover robot. He is malfunctioning. Shoving is the answer. Shoving will protect you.

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