“Let Me Know When it Turns Green”

Funny Signs - Let Me Know When it Turns Green

Submitted by: Vesane Vates via Oddly Specific

You know…I’ll just take the bus.

Anyone else think this is overkill?

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51 Responses to “Let Me Know When it Turns Green”

  1. bl00per says:

    it’s a modern art installation…

  2. Independent Observer says:

    It’s a site specific art installation in London Docklands.

    Sorry, you’ve been done.

  3. Seibee says:

    Not even being a pedestrian would help D:

  4. skeptic says:

    Where is this thing and how high is the traffic accident rate there?

  5. SodiumLights says:

    It’s the Traffic Light Tree and it’s in the middle of a roundabout in Canary Wharf.


    • Gemenon says:

      Oh wow that’s a relief. I was thinking they probably had traffic lights that were also facing into the 4th and 5th dimensions there..

    • nobody_special says:

      Well, the UK is where where the TARDIS usually lands when it visits the here and now . . . 😉

    • nobody_special says:

      Hmm . . . apparently that “where” went through a different dimension and came back twice . . .

    • Drake says:

      I was gonna say that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before, and it was just a sculpture.

    • Schilcote says:

      That’s just what the Foundation WANTS you to believe.

  6. Hazzat says:

    Would be funny if it was real.
    And yes, this one belongs on Overkill 9000.

  7. andrex says:

    I wonder… How should I cross that intersection?

    • Crudus says:

      you can’t. There is no intersection. This is at a roundabout, so you cross when no traffic is coming.

    • CK159 says:

      Wait for the little dude near the bottom to become illuminated, then hope for the best as you avoid collisions in the 12 way intersection.

    • Ixar says:

      With a grappling hook, then just Tarzan it and pray to whatever deity makes you feel secure with the possibility of death.

  8. Scrapheapchallenge says:

    apparently it’s “art” 😐

    • Someone says:

      It can be worse. Like drawing a bunch of colored squares like a 3-year old, and calling that art (and still having many people agree on that).

    • 5150 says:

      Yeah, what’s up with today’s “art”? Although, as I was looking at this traffic light tree, I really kind of want one.

    • Music-chan says:

      Yeah, in terms of modern art, the traffic lights are actually pretty cool. This must have taken quite a bit of time to put together.

      I don’t mind modern sculptures that have all these unusual items attached to each other; it at least looks like it takes a fair bit of effort.

    • nobody_special says:

      Like the pictures the web site chooses for comments if you don’t upload your own? 😀

  9. dizi says:

    I like it having driven and cycled past it many times. It is art to me.

    • tahrey says:

      we’ve got three or four of them in fact, and none of them are actually that difficult to grasp or use than some other more “ordinary” but badly designed junctions I’ve had to deal with.

      also check out J7 M6… I have to use that every day … it’s not what you think at wide zoom

    • Poppycorn says:

      Looks like a uterus to me, but I assume you think it looks like a Johnson, maybe it depends on the observers gender.

  10. Snookie_Townshend says:

    I just figured it was the one the Vogans were going to put up after they blew us out of the way to build that interstellar bypass…

  11. DarthTater says:

    So thaaat’s how they direct TARDIS’ through time and space…

  12. hamstap85 says:

    i wonder if the guy who did all this set it to a regular pattern

    • tomiphred says:

      who says it’s a guy?

    • Goose says:

      Because i dont think that a woman would think of building one of those…

    • tahrey says:

      a/ no, he didn’t, they just go randomly. or at least, there are sequences on each set of lights but they’re not in step with any of the others
      b/ yes it was a guy
      c/ he was french, which probably explains the rest of it
      d/ a big clue is the green posts…. dunno about elsewhere but all our light posts tend to be neutral grey, sometimes with a yellow band or two.

      i’ve stood waiting many many minutes for someone who was supposed to meet me opposite that thing, and watched it in the meantime. it was pretty random. and no-one approaching it would get confused as it’s very obviously not applicable to the approach roads.

  13. nobody_special says:

    What makes it work is that every one of us probably knows of at least one poorly-designed or -executed (or perhaps adequate when it was first built but in recent years hopelessly overloaded due to explosive population growth in the area) intersection or interchange nearby that they have to drive through frequently (if not every day) that actually needs a signal just about this complicated . . . or worse yet, already has one . . .

  14. Vesane Vates says:

    I think it’s pretty cool. I’d love to see it in real life!

  15. lalalalala says:

    For “art” read “waste of electricity”.

    • Justin says:

      Please turn off your computer instead of visiting websites like these. You’re just wasting electricity!!

  16. biggles1 says:

    my cousins live 5 mins away from this, I always love driving past it, and you often see many new drivers stare at it in confusion for a few moments (inclusing my parents once). I love it and wish there were more of them around

  17. MacTavish14 says:

    I like traffic lights
    I like traffic lights
    I like traffic lights
    but only when they’re green

  18. Chris Meyer says:

    I thought it was the light at the intersection where all the roads that lead to Rome meet.

  19. FinnMacCool says:

    I think I had a nightmare about that traffic light one time

  20. ReezQ says:

    Does anyone know which “green light” that I should follow ?

  21. mabhatter says:

    Is this on the driver’s license road test?

    I’m sure the parallel parking test is on here somewhere too.

  22. tahrey says:

    Jesus, was this, the secret bunker, and the lottery thing all posted by the same hard-of-thinking submitter? Don’t remember the site being called Oddly It’s Not Actually As Dumb As You’re Desperately Trying To Make Out.

  23. Ellie says:

    u just kno thats in china…

  24. loremasterstl says:

    In five seconds, the green lasers will mow down everything. Bunnies included.

  25. Agent Daniels says:

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  26. Gonzo says:

    That Christmas tree is pathetic, Charlie Brown.

  27. HelenaTroy says:

    It’s an “art installation” on a roundabout on the Isle of Dogs, East London. *s* The first time we drove that way I thought, why do they need traffic lights at a roundabout?


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