Good Aim

Funny Signs - Good Aim

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

I heard they’re making this an event in the next summer Olympics.

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33 Responses to Good Aim

  1. IndieSinger says:

    In case anyone was in any doubt, this is a joke sign. It says, “Please sit down to pee!” – which the guy is doing…

  2. r3loaded says:

    Ich pinkelte immer im Sitzen! Nothing wrong there…

    • notanengineer says:

      the stickman depiction is an ironical allegory of the sentence’s meaning (=kind of a bawdy joke)
      Erst Glied einziehen
      dann Reißverschluss hochziehen! 😀

    • Someone says:

      Es tut mir leid, aber ich spreche kein Deutsch.

  3. Music-chan says:

    hahahaha, thanks for the translation!

  4. Anon says:

    It’s actually a sign from a Jimmy John’s gourmet sandwich shop in the US.

  5. Geoff says:

    Babblefish translates it as “please sit in pee”, which is funnier.

    • Stubby McAmputee says:

      I always do tat in the pool when i go swimming! Yeah that’s right, I’M THE ONE WHO PEED IN THE POOL!! What are you gunna do about it, HUH?

    • b kgf says:

      yeah, are you so shure
      ugh how do you spell shure

    • b kgf says:

      i mean uhh

    • assif says:

      Which, while funny, is wrong. It translates directly to “please in the seat to pee”. Sitzen is the verb for to sit but this is im Sitzen, in the seat. Completely different.

      The picture is the joke, not the wording.

    • ThreepH says:

      Wrong as well. “Im Sitzen” is the noun’d variation of sitzen, “in the action of sitting” would be the best understandable translation to english. There is a grammatical case, where verbs get nouns, which happens here and can not translated directly. “The sit”, meaning the posture which is sitting, would fit best. “In the seat” is wrong, because “seat” would be “Sitz”, the chair is a seat, a bank is a seat. “Sitting” is the very next translating, “in the sitting (postition)” would be the absolute translation, in german grammar a verb can take the place of a noun and is therefor written in capital, because it describes a naming/declaration/name.

    • kitty says:

      you are so right 😀
      und für damen gilt das erst recht! ^^

    • Jessica says:

      You have to capitalize the S in “Sitzen”

  6. Anna H says:

    I guess Spitting For Distance is out of style now.

  7. james says:

    Jimmy Johns has the best signs! i posted this sign on FB too. right above the pisser classic!

  8. Bun says:

    The image on this sign may be a joke but the words aren’t. You can find signs throughout Germany (I’m sure elsewhere too) asking men to sit when peeing- “sitzpinkeln”. It’s actually more hygienic- especially on a microbial level.

    • pwnedbykitteh says:

      There is also a book, called the “Sitzpinkel-Manifest”, which came aout about 15 yrs or so ago and in an interview the (male) author claimed, men that pee sitting down are also better lovers. He explained why, but I forgot after all this time.

    • keithybabes says:

      Once upon a time the Germans manifested their unique collective insanity by trying to take over the World. I for one am happy that these days they are content to express it by sitting down to pee. It’s stupid but harmless.

  9. FuzzyGhost says:

    Unless they have this in all Jimmy John’s (which is likely), I was at that restaurant.

  10. orion says:

    Alternate translation: Please pee-pee in the chair.

  11. eduardoleonm says:

    in mother Russia the toilet pee on you!!!!

  12. zteee says:

    Hey, that toilet is peeing on that guy!

  13. D says:

    I translated it from german to english, from english to japanese and back to english again, which turned out to be what would have been the correct translation from german to english in the first place!!!

  14. bree says:

    In german, sitzpinkler (sits to pee is a rough translation) is slang for wimp.

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