Sounds Like My Last Date

Funny Signs - Sounds Like My Last Date

Submitted by: Sarasota, FL via Oddly Specific

Even if it were allowed, the ‘gator would probably just ditch me for some popped-collar, Ed Hardy douche bag at the bar.

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19 Responses to Sounds Like My Last Date

  1. Matt says:

    No one can stop me from molesting a gator. NOONE!!!!

  2. The Amazing Rando says:

    My friend Stubby McAmputee tried to molest an alligator once.

    • Stubby McAmputee says:

      Well i’ll be… I guess that means I broke the law!

    • mabhatter says:

      surprisingly he was also charged with enticing and feeding the ‘gator, thus guilty of all 3 crimes.

      Why don’t they just make it illegal for the gators to eat people?

  3. Snookie_Townshend says:

    Don’t feel bad, the gator would only talk to me in the hopes that I’d introduce him to one of my hot friends. I tell ya, it ain’t easy being the ugly chick, but someone’s gotta do it.

  4. CharlieParker says:

    Or molesting, or? Why would you through the trouble of enticing the gator with a fancy dinner if you weren’t planning on getting any?

  5. Bubble Burster says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but most alligator signs in Florida warn about “Molesting gators”. It’s always good for a laugh though.

  6. scgvlmike says:

    There are signs identical to this one at Goose Creek Reservoir in SC, USA. My late wife & I used to look at the sign & ponder: isn’t that a self-reinforcing law?

  7. Someone says:

    Well, even though it’s apparantly common in Florida, there is still “oddly specific”. After all, who’s going to molest gators? And why is it specifically about molesting, and not about fighting with a gator for example?

    • robert ot says:

      i would, i’ve dreamed about some hot ‘gator action

    • mabhatter says:

      They’ve tried making it illegal for the gators to eat people, but somebody told them the gators couldn’t read… it’s on the other side of the sign.

  8. Steve says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but most alligator signs in Florida warn about “Molesting gators”. It’s always good for a laugh though.

    • Britain says:

      It’s true. I live in Sarasota… lots of anti-molestation signs. Good for a chuckle though! Between that and the “large speed tables” being marked HUMP, my life is a series of LOLs.

  9. Melykin says:

    Well there goes my weekend.

  10. Chass says:

    Main Entry: mo·lest
    Pronunciation: \mə-ˈlest\
    Function: transitive verb
    Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French molester, from Latin molestare, from molestus burdensome, annoying; akin to Latin moles mass
    Date: 14th century

    1 : to annoy, disturb, or persecute especially with hostile intent or injurious effect
    2 : to make annoying sexual advances to; especially : to force physical and usually sexual contact on

  11. Kublai says:

    I’ve been here! Myakka State Park, Satasota FL. Sadly, there were no gators to molest that day.

  12. luke i am not thy father says:

    now this is where a thesaurus would be quite handy

  13. to see the day…………..

  14. Spencer says:

    They have a similar sign at Turkey Lake Park in Orlando. “Please do not molest the alligators” many many photos of me and friends have been taken with that sign!!

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