No Thanks, I’m Full

Funny Signs - No Thanks, I'm Full

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Alright, maybe just one cup….

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19 Responses to No Thanks, I’m Full

  1. Anna H says:

    It just might be today’s special, but we’re not completely sure.

  2. Pikachu! says:

    what freaks me out are the Licensed to play music labels

    • Bill says:

      Therefore, Wet Paint is a band name.

    • SodiumLights says:

      The fact that they are needed, or the fact there are so many of them?

      In the UK businesses need to pay a license fee to the PRS to play music in any environment where customers are able to hear it. Stupid but true…

    • emceecee says:

      This is also true for USA and Canada, not many know about it (or actually obtain the licenses) but the organizations that collect the performance royalties are SOCAN and ASCAP.

  3. Outback Jon says:

    Well, since nearly everyone that sees one of these signs seems to check if the paint is still wet for themselves, it kind of makes sense.

    • ZJ says:

      Well maybe they put the sign up a while ago and might need to check to see if the paint’s still wet.

  4. klara says:

    with a straw please

  5. The Amazing Rando says:

    It’s a philosophical debate. Is the paint wet? Is it dry? Is it all a matter of perception? Does the paint even exist?

  6. Iggy says:

    I imagine it said “WET” and someone added “PAINT?”

  7. dumpstervampire says:

    Obviously the N and T of “paint” are very important. They should have capitalized them to get the point across better. >.<

  8. Herr Herr says:

    I’ve been passing that sign every day for weeks now.

    It’s on strip club in Edinburgh.

  9. Kitteh says:

    Wet Girls? 😀

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