Not a Title

Funny Signs - Not a Title

Submitted by: JDS via Oddly Specific

Not a caption

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99 Responses to Not a Title

  1. Noah says:

    Not the first comment.

    So, what is it supposed to mean? Is this an exercise in philosophy?

  2. smadge1 says:

    it’s a trap!

  3. Mike says:

    Too bad it’s not ajar!

  4. John-117 says:

    not a comment

  5. Snookie_Townshend says:

    “You call that a door, mate? THIS is a door!”

  6. Seibee says:

    It’s not a jar, is it?

    Ho ho ho.

  7. hamstap85 says:

    not a comment

  8. Brendon says:

    This is not the door you’re looking for…

  9. Miff says:

    Ceci n’est pas une door.

  10. Gemenon says:

    This is a pretentious door. It prefers being called a “portal”.

  11. frmatoz says:

    I think the thing you were looking for is called a “wall.” Next time ask the constructions guys for one of those.

  12. Rehevkor says:

    It’s not “A” door, it’s “B” door. “A” door is around the corner.

  13. ed in texas says:

    It’s the entrance to the Rene Magritte museum.

  14. Chels says:

    Now all we have to do is /hang/ Ceci Nest Pas une Pipe on the door. A pipe that is not a pipe on a door that is not a door. I wonder if the building is a building.

  15. Not a name says:

    Not a comment

  16. CK159 says:

    Not a favorite comment.

  17. Aaron S says:

    the door is a lie!

  18. A Noun says:

    Because of the very similar door on Friends of Irony, I’ll carry the joke over and say this must be the other door to the Jedi Mind Trick Institute.

  19. Dormano says:

    Its a Gate!

  20. samuel says:

    and it’s not closed

  21. keithybabes says:

    No, it’s not ‘A’ door. This is ‘B’ door. ‘A’ door is further along. Thank you.

  22. inismor says:

    Magritte’s museum entrance?

  23. Cynder says:

    this is not a regular door!! this is a secret spy door!

  24. Charlie Oscar Delta says:

    this is not the entrence to my lair. i could afford better security

  25. Katigger says:

    well, if it is NOT a door, what the hell IS it?—
    oh . . . I see, it’s a SOLID OBJECT obstructing a portal
    ANYONE can see that—-of COURSE it’s not a door!
    How’s that for an a-door-able explanation?

  26. DarKWolF says:

    i did not lol terribly hard.

  27. Mdcastle says:

    Most likely the occupants are leasing the space and blocked the inside with a cubicle partition or even a wall, but didn’t have the outside door bricked over. It’s a lot cheaper to do drywall on the inside than masonry on the outside- the next tenants might want a door there, but they put the sign up so no one expects to be able to enter the building that way in the meantime. “No Entrance ” or “Not an Entrance” might have been better, except in case of a fire outside rescuers might still try to open it, since “No Entrance” might be confused with a fire exit.

  28. Not Ninty-Fresh says:

    I think it’s painted on the wall or something.

  29. Dial Q for stupid says:

    Not pie

  30. Dial Q for stupid says:

    If only it were opposite day, then this might make some sense.

    • Not Nick says:

      Even if it was opposite day it wouldn’t make sense, because the opposite of opposite day is “not opposite day”.

  31. Not Nick says:

    This comment has not been posted.

  32. guvna says:

    This is not the door you are looking foor…

  33. Dee says:

    Can’t see into your mind… Or your soul. ;P

  34. Gustavo says:

    not the last reply until someone not-posts a reply

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