The Obvious! It Burns!

Funny Signs - The Obvious! It Burns!

Submitted by: shwoo via Oddly Specific

Really? Have we become *that* irresponsible as a society? I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER stuck my thumb in my coffee cup.

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45 Responses to The Obvious! It Burns!

  1. jmr says:

    that face is terrifying

  2. Kusac says:

    Woah, that lady is waaaaay too excited over a cup of coffee.

  3. Miranda says:

    Can we talk about this woman’s expression?

  4. Someone says:

    I think the picture’s weirder than the text, but that may just be me…

  5. Max S says:

    Next thing we know, someone will complain when they burn one of their fingers: “The poster never told me to ensure my fingers weren’t in the cup! Someone call my lawyer!”.

  6. Sheik Yerbouti says:

    Also, don’t forget to use granulated crack instead of sugar.

  7. Malicron says:

    You REALLY don’t want to know where she burned herself.

  8. Snookie_Townshend says:

    Never the thumb – I save that for photographs – but I have done the old “slosh hot coffee over your wrist while trying to put the lid back on because you’re a freaking klutz” bit.
    (And yes, back in the days of film cameras, I managed to take an entire roll of pictures with my thumb in the corner of each one…)

  9. Sara says:

    I agree, the picture is scarier than the text!

    As for the thumb, when you’ve got a mug as big as mine, you need a thumb on the lip in order to steady the weight; I’ve actually found this to be a convenient way for me to determine when the cup is sufficiently full. It doesn’t take too long for the tips of your fingers to become impervious to heat if you regularly use them to fish your tea bag out of the hot water when it’s done steeping…

  10. SR176 says:

    To paraphrase..
    “Oh, I can tell you’re a Blogger / And not just a common bum / ‘Cause nobody but a Blogger / Stirs his coffee with his thumb.”

    (Apologies to whoever wrote the original about loggers.)

  11. MacKenzie says:


  12. Scott Thong says:

    “Excuse me waiter, your thumb is in my soup!”

    “Oh don’t worry sir, it’s not hot.”

  13. robyn says:

    OMG, she looks like a female version of Chucky. This is truly frightening!

  14. Merri says:

    Yes, Max, it’s highly probable that the reason for this is that somebody sued them for not warning him. Not that we’re *that* irresponsible ; only that we pretend to be.

  15. ShadowHeart says:

    If people are THAT stupid, let em learn the hard way.

  16. mjrippe says:

    Things like this remind me that I love my friend’s idea of removing all warning labels from EVERYTHING and letting nature take it’s course!

    • me says:

      i like your friend’s idea as well :/
      one of the biggest reasons we have warning labels is because people don’t take responsibility for their own stupidity!

  17. JOeJoe says:


  18. freek says:

    Oh, you have got to be kidding me. I mean, SERIOUSLY ?!?! Exactly HOW retarded do you need to be not to know that ?!

    People should really stop posting warnings. Actually, manufacturers should stop printing warning labels too. Give it a few years and see the human kind getting cleansed by means of natural selection …

  19. meikyuu says:

    that lady sneaks up behind you to make you stick your hand in coffee. Fact.

  20. p.h. says:

    I didn’t know Uma Thurman drank coffee. Zing.

  21. G. James says:

    It is common for blind people to use their thumb over the lip of a drinking vessel to detect when it is full to avoid overfilling and spilling.

    Of course, since this is not in braille, it isn’t intended to caution them.

    But for hot liquids, you can feel the heat approach before the contact.

    • ShadowHeart says:

      Even if it were for blind people…theyre blind… so they couldnt read it anyways… o_O

    • in the tree nets says:

      “Of course, since this is not in braille, it isn’t intended to caution them.”

      “Even if it were for blind people…theyre blind… so they couldnt read it anyways”

      So, you just decided to reply to the previous comment before you read the whole thing, or maybe before you looked up what braille was?

  22. x says:

    ganon approves

  23. Jimmy says:

    Gawd. Creepy face.

  24. Jt says:

    It’s staring into my soul! It knows my name!!

  25. Jacob says:

    Looks like me when I have my cup.

  26. Robert says:

    “Really? Have we become *that* irresponsible as a society? I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER stuck my thumb in my coffee cup.” mea culpa. (raises hand embarrassingly)

  27. Brambleface says:

    The girl’s all “derp”

  28. Gretzinator says:

    Isn’t it amazing that, all the people with Darwin-fish stickers on their car seem like they’d be first in line in a class-action lawsuit?

    Just sayin….

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