Blame the Lottery

Funny Signs - Blame the Lottery

Submitted by: A Newsagent, London via Oddly Specific

Now, I’ve read The Lottery and I don’t remember anything about grocery shopping.

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9 Responses to Blame the Lottery

  1. Batgirl says:

    *ahem* three items or fewer, thank you…

  2. zazzoo says:

    Damn you lottery, I want my oranges!

  3. Ras says:

    I’d say this is because in some places, when there’s a high lottery jackpot, there’s a rush on to buy tickets that creates long lineups in small stores, so they want to move people in and out as fast as possible.

  4. brian t says:

    I’ve seen similar – it has to do with the queues of people buying lottery tickets on the afternoon of the draw. Limit purchases to a few items = keep the queue moving.

  5. Kelly G says:

    They probably DID just read it, and definitely want nothing to do with weighed products.

  6. 17R3W says:

    Bill Frist did it.

  7. Nelson says:

    That’s still pretty generous… If *I* won the lottery I would just QUIT my crappy grocery store job altogether!

  8. Feefers says:

    Looks like a Tesco font, i’m guessing it’s for the Kiosk rather then a main checkout and yeah this will have probably been for when the Euro Millions jackpot was at >133m euro.

  9. tahrey says:

    Two or three checkouts… i’ve never seen even the tiniest tesco store with less, and the lottery/tobacco/chocolate-and-cough-drops/customer service/photo/optician counter usually has at least two. (yeah, they combine all those together, separate from the main store, in the hypermarkets)

    One of registers will have a lottery ticket machine

    Some people with a basket of stuff in the smaller all-in-one outlets may try to use that one when there’s a line of folks with trolleys…. which is inevitably going to lead to a fight if they jump in there with a basket full of individual tiny items and a line starts to form out of the door behind them of people trying to buy their tickets 10 minutes before the cut-off.

    It’s not like the whole shop only lets you buy 3 at a time, or its something the lottery people have imposed on them

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