Bloodsucking Fiends!

Funny Signs - Bloodsucking Fiends!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Finally someone is listening! I’ve been warning people for years that squirrels are actually small, furry vampires.

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34 Responses to Bloodsucking Fiends!

  1. DaBanjo says:

    That is a messed up skwerl.

  2. jeev says:

    Beats twilight.

  3. Chrystoph says:

    See, this one actually makes sense.

    Squirrels bite people that point finger guns at them.

    • CK159 says:

      That’s EXACTLY what I thought when I saw this. Someone should add some text to the sign that reads “Squirrels will attack when threatened” Then it would be complete

  4. smadge1 says:

    hrmm, bit off 3 whole fingers, but too full to eat the 4th.

    • ilovemonster says:

      hes saving his appetite for you

    • nitch says:

      ha ha, comment WIN! Now you’ve said that I can’t see it any other way. 😀

      Of course, when I first looked at it I thought it looked oddly as if he was offering his open wound to the squirrel… perhaps some kind of dark arts satanic practice- blood sacrifice to magic, vampiric squirrel overlords.

  5. The Amazing Rando says:

    He took a triangular shaped chunk out of that guy’s finger!

  6. lolz 121 says:

    that person is going to get squirrel aids….

    don’t laugh! it’s serious stuff!

    • The One Guy says:

      The first thing that came to my mind when reading your comment was: Squirrel-Aid, like Kool-Aid, but with squirrels!

  7. Bob says:

    I question whether the squirrel would go that high up the finger, but the advice is sound. Once one of those little b-st-rds gets his teeth attached to you, they stay attached pretty good.

  8. Kris says:

    Dave Barry also says squirrels are out to get us. It’s not a good idea to give a wild animal a chance to bite you.

  9. squirrel! says:

    Not all squirrels are small, furry vampires: as the sign clearly shows, it’s just the ones who have their tails growing out of the middle of the spine as opposed to out of the end of it.

  10. Nack says:

    Someone tell me where to find this sign!!! I need one of my own 😉

  11. CuriousEMD says:

    Anybody else hearing the “Happy Tree Friends” theme?

  12. Justme says:

    For some reason, all I can think when I see this sign is OM NOM NOM. D@mn squirrels.

  13. T-Bone says:

    Some people swerve their vehicles to miss ’em but I swerve to squash ’em. I got one on my motorcycle the other day. Death to all squirrels!

  14. BITTEN 2 says:

    I, too, want to know where this sign came from. I was just bitten by a squirrel I was trying to rescue from my dog & am still traumatized. I had to pry its jaws apart w/a stick to get it off me.

  15. ShadowHeart says:

    Thats one demented squirrel… the tail looks like its connected to it’s back… o_o

  16. ShadowHeart says:

    And since when do squirrels attack people??? If you leave them alone, theyll leave you alone!!

  17. jolasma says:

    “Present injured fingers to squirrels.”

    because time and squirrels heal all wounds.

  18. grandcanyonhiker says:

    It’s at the Indian Gardens camp on the Bright Angel trail in the Grand Canyon National Park. We took the same pic just a few weeks ago.

    Wiki says the number one reason that people go to the hospital in the Grand Canyon is from squirrel attacks! The park ranger confirmed it. Some of the squirrels carry fleas with the bubonic plague.

  19. 1337 noob says:

    that happend to me IRL (same finger !)

  20. LPfresh says:

    this happened to me. a squirrel bit my finger, and it bled. this sign speaks the truth.

  21. Hana says:

    I knew… I did… I tell everyone. Squirrels are evil. I know they are planning to take over the world, one hurt finger at a time… Just wait until they move up a bigger target.

  22. Thrashfest says:

    Blood orgie!

  23. ballencat20 says:


  24. NotTim says:

    Finally! Word is finally getting out about the Animal Conspiracy!

  25. LJS says:

    I need this sign! I was recently attacked in front of the building at work and had to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics. I need to warn others….

  26. Mark Smanship says:

    Means “Don’t feed the squirrels.” Squirrels may not see that human hand or fingers holding a tasty acorn from certain angles, namely straight ahead, because they don’t see like we do (they don’t have binocular vision, i.e. eyes that point straight ahead).

  27. Opmongoose says:

    At first I could not tell wtf it was….It looks like some sort of small, fat reptile that has one hand out and the other giving the OK sign

  28. DaddyDave says:

    Finally, we have updated the ro-sham-bo arsenal.

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