But My Phone is Hungry!

Funny Signs - But My Phone is Hungry!

Submitted by: Butte High School, Butte MT via Oddly Specific

I really hope this woman isn’t an English teacher.

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7 Responses to But My Phone is Hungry!

  1. Your innerself says:

    WTF in cellphone?

  2. Altrissa says:

    But that’s how I always smuggle my candy into the room!

  3. Tank668 says:

    Must have been written by Sponge Monkeys. (or light bulbs!)

  4. Art Radio says:

    You got to love misplaced modifiers.

  5. Hope says:

    If it’s from a high school, why does it say “Welcome to company”?

  6. Bruised Almighty says:

    eats shoots and leaves

  7. beebee says:

    It’s a dance class. Company dance is another way of saying, like, advanced class.

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