Maybe, Maybe Not

Funny Signs - Maybe, Maybe Not

Submitted by: BC Ferries passenger terminal via Oddly Specific

Only one way to find out.

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35 Responses to Maybe, Maybe Not

  1. Sheik Yerbouti says:

    Oh, that’s always a problem with those Caution Heaters.

  2. Lizard says:

    and this just in…water…may be wet

  3. Hardware Wank says:

    Only one way to find out!

  4. Sexy Sadie says:

    This reminds me of a line from that “Horse With No Name” song, “The heat was hot.”

  5. 17R3W says:

    Sad thing is,

    People are dumb, so you’ve got to post signs for obvious things.*

    *If you catch a spelling mistake, this is further proof that people are stupid

  6. Passerby says:

    You are all missing the point.

    The sign is an existential one. The heater may be hot, but it also may not. How do we knot it is hot? How can we be sure it’s not just our own perception of heat? Are hot or cold the only choices? Does the notion of “hot” even exist? Does the heater truly exist? Does anything exist? Do you exist? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

  7. Jessi says:

    The sad thing is, signs like this need to exist for all the litigious A-holes out there. When I worked at a deli, we had a woman actually try to climb into our warmer to reach for a rotisserie chicken (instead of, you know, asking one of us to grab it for her…) and burn herself in the process.

    She started yelling at us about it (the “warmer” keeps the chickens above 140*F, so it’s actually quite hot) and threatening to sue. All we could do was to point to the “CAUTION: HOT” signs.

    Seriously, the warmer was about 4 feet long and had, like, eight of ’em.

    In short, people are morons.

  8. Sarge says:

    Also, water might be wet, butter might be buttery, air might be breathable, and George W. Bush might be a moron.

  9. randomgirl says:

    This reminds me of the manual for our camping stove top. More than half of it was stuff like “Warning,” “Caution,” “Burn Hazard,” Etc. I am not kidding, there were at least 3 warnings per page. It’s a STOVE TOP! Of COURSE there’s a possibility of burning yourself!

    • Pikachu says:

      if people that need such signs actually go camping they’ll die from walking off a cliff or something.

      if thats the case they won’t come back to sue even if they did get burned from the stove.

      if thats the case, the labels are redundant.

  10. Hexapyro says:

    Play it cool, Captain Obvious.

  11. /obligatory says:

    Heater’s gonna heat.

  12. Cynder says:

    caution red pen may be red!

  13. Aeyvi says:

    o.o my vote made it 666

  14. Sunshine says:

    It keeps doing that, we’re going to get it fixed.

  15. ajone241 says:

    i once saw a sign like this once it was on a kettle

    “CAUTION: Boiling water may be hot.”

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