Funny Signs - WHOOSH!

Submitted by: M.A. via Oddly Specific

This takes canned air to a whole new level.

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28 Responses to WHOOSH!

  1. Kairyuka says:

    I can’t believe they trademarked a sound effect (._.)

  2. Twinkie says:

    A WHOOSH of what? Of what!? Now I’m scared.

  3. Rich says:

    No! The Whoosh can open it himself!

  4. CakeCake says:

    I can just imagine a tornado coming straight out

  5. B says:

    For those who are curious, I’m pretty sure this is on an air mattress.

    • riko says:

      i think you’re right. i know i’ve seen this on something in my house and was trying to figure out what but i think you’ve got it.

    • Morna says:

      Yeah it’s the areo extra bed in a minute. I used to have one. Wish I still did, better on my back than my current mattress.

  6. Sparks says:



  7. Raura says:

    Everyone knows that you have to turn knobs, not open tops, for The Whoosh.

    As shown: http://videosostav.ru/video/861f9b1077978c4501262b7c64617cb0/

  8. The Stig says:

    …whoopie cushion.

  9. Passerby says:

    I don’t get it.

    I think the post went over my head.


  10. Salamaar says:

    No! It is a gift from King Aeolus! Do not open it!

  11. Un1K3n says:

    Hey, Bundy! You forgot to make the noise!

  12. Chris says:

    The literal version of ‘put a cap in your ass.’

  13. DJ Vegas says:

    It’s to maunally pump up an Areo Bed to your perfect firmness. Not all that mysterious. 😉

  14. (opens)(tornado) HOLY !##$(ends up n Antarctica)

  15. Xeroth says:

    Remember, cap it quickly to keep hope inside.

  16. Aaron Zufall says:

    I HAVE THAT. It’s an air bed. And it does go whoosh.

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