Unless You’re a Hobbit

Funny Signs - Unless You're a Hobbit

Submitted by: Kelly in Baltimore via Oddly Specific

If this is such a big problem, maybe the employer should start offering a free footwax in their benefits package.

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15 Responses to Unless You’re a Hobbit

  1. Rehevkor says:

    Don’t call me cookie and I won’t call you cake.

  2. macmommy says:

    I’ll try not to. It’s really difficult to stop, though.

  3. Zotarium says:

    So uh…. what’s new in Hobbiton?

  4. Seibee says:

    This means you, Frodo.

  5. Sexy Sadie says:

    Why is Cookie Monster telling us not to wear hair nets on our feet?

  6. Evan says:

    This is probably a lab or lab support facility. Disposable personal protective equipment includes hair nets, gowns, face masks,etc. And the foot covers look like the hair nets sometimes.

  7. angel says:

    damn it he beat me too it… cause the hobbit thing was the first thing I thought of when i saw this.

  8. zark169 says:

    Filthy Hobbitses, getting foot hair all over everything.

  9. Miss_Seven says:

    From the looks of the cleaning chart behind the note, it appears to be in a Walmart bakery or deli.

    Yes, I had some coworkers who would wear the hair nets on their feet so they wouldn’t get icing on them.

  10. Jessica says:

    That’s got to be Cookie’s kitchen in Baltimore. My Grandmother works there and Cookie, the owner, is insane.

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