Somewhere, Chad Kroeger is Crying

Funny Signs - Somewhere, Chad Kroeger is Crying

Submitted by: Erin via Oddly Specific

Isn’t there a Nickelback song with this exact same phrase?

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31 Responses to Somewhere, Chad Kroeger is Crying

  1. My Name says:

    Why is Chad Kroeger crying?
    And what can I do to make it keep happening?

    • Lizard says:

      Yeah I think he may have been thinking of Chester Bennington or Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and their song “One Step Closer” (to the edge). Chad Kroeger of Nickelback hasn’t done a song about being close to the edge or brink, at least that I can think of off the top of my head.

    • Ken says:

      Could be Creed as well
      “Hold me now, im six feet from the edge…”

    • sonic_777111 says:

      That’s what I thought too.

    • Lord Bob says:

      Yeah, no, Nickelback’s Savin’ Me says something about being on the ledge of a building…but on the over all, this isn’t that funny…

  2. IndieSinger says:

    Why is this funny? It’s specific, but it’s not *oddly* specific. It’s merely pointing out to tourists that there there are 94 steps to the summit, so it will require some effort.

    If it weren’t specific, it would just say, “Attention: somewhere between 90 and 100 steps to brink”.

    • bob_super says:

      Hate to be a prat, but:
      – Brink: the edge of a steep place, no-one’s talked about summits
      – Specific: stated explicitly or in detail, as in “94” rather than an approximation. 7-yr olds will count steps, others dont care +/-10, therefore “oddly”.
      Dictionaries are against you on this one.

    • IndieSinger says:

      I sort of agree.

      Let me explain why I said “summit” – given that there are 94 steps to the brink (I am well aware of what a “brink” is), I imagined these steps would go up. This would then lead you to the brink. The brink is the edge, so it might also be a summit. Not an exact science, but I just wanted to vary my vocabulary by not repeating the word “brink”.

      I’m also aware that some people won’t care about the exact number of steps, but put yourself in their position. You have some kind of tourist attraction possibly – people want to visit “the brink”. Many people won’t be able to cope with many steps (elderly people, disabled people, people with breathing difficulties etc.). But if the sign just said, “Caution: Loads of steps”, it’s not specific enough and people won’t know if they can cope with it or not. Some people might be able to cope with 20, but not 90 so they’d need to know how many “loads” is. So to give the public information, the only option really is to say how many steps there are.

    • heidrance says:

      If they’re going to be that exact, why not place the sign 6 steps farther away from the brink and say 100?

    • IndieSinger says:

      Because the flight of stairs might be 94 steps. The sign probably isn’t to be found part-way along the steps.

    • KittenHallow says:

      Why don’t we just count the number of steps it actually takes to get to the whatever it is, find out what it is, then label it and put a sign up that says how many steps it takes to get there? … Oh wait… [!]

    • Behrooz Afrakhan says:

      Forgive me, but should this be so important to you? Your attention to detail is probably the most *oddly* specific thing on this site. The sign is funny, and more OCD-specific than any sign I’ve ever seen in a public area, so let’s laugh and move on.

    • Lizard says:

      I think it’s funny because the term “close to the brink” can be used as slang for losing ones mind. As in “I’m close to the brink man, I’m about to lose it and go apesh*t on all these jackasses that are always trying to take all of the fun out of the signs on oddly specific with their logic and reasoning”…you know something like that. 😀

    • Lizard says:

      And what bob_super said too…so it’s funny and oddly specific. 😉

  3. bigjohn756 says:

    Actually, it’s for the blind. Wouldn’t want them walking over the brink, now, would we?

    • The Disemboweler says:

      Of course! It makes so much sense now!

    • bob_super says:

      As much as 2-inch braille signs in the middle of convention center halls/walls, and who’s objecting to those? 🙂

    • Uuummm... says:

      makes about as much sense as braille on drive through bank tellers

    • bob_super says:

      Cherry on the cake is how the touchscreen ones have braille on the signs next to each slot (deposit/cash/ticket). Because it’s harder finding a stash of bills by touch than where to press the screen to get them. That’s if you can get to the ATM in the branch when you have to guess where to swipe your card after hours.
      Am I glad I have working eyes…

    • is Brisbane, Australia, the trains have a button in order for passengers to speak to the driver in an emergency. The button reads ‘speak when light flashes” then, kindly, the message is repeated in braille below……..

      ……I still haven’t got around to taking a photo and translating the braille (or translating it in situ), but I would like to believe that it reads “speak when light flashes” in braille. Typical QR (Queensland Rail) service.

    • adam says:

      1. so blind people can work with ATMs from the driver’s side back seat without having to involve someone else in a financial transaction, and

      2. so the banks can use one keypad assembly for both walk-up and drive-up ATMs, and possibly elsewhere.

      u has a fail

  4. Hawk says:

    Don’t you mean Creed? Six feet from the edge or something like that.

  5. Derek says:

    Maybe he was thinking of Creed? Six feet from the edge?

  6. carafe says:

    I dunno. The first thing that came to mind when I read it was that line from Creed’s “One Last Breath”:
    “I’m six feet from the edge, and I’m thinkin’ maybe six feet ain’t so far down.”
    I think Scott Stapp just burst into tears…

  7. 17R3W says:

    I Googled NickleBack Brink.

    I don’t get it.

  8. heidrance says:

    Shout out to Madness — if you went 95 steps, you’d be — wait for it — One Step Beyond.

  9. lp fresh says:

    that’s uh, scott stapp. and creed.

  10. Random Hero says:

    I’m actually leaning toward “Pardon Me – Staind”

  11. Michigan says:

    Sorry to tell you this, but your comment regarding a summit is wrong. This picture was taken upper falls at Tahquamenon Falls in the U.P. of Michigan in Paradise. The brink refers to the landing before the falls.

    • Eric says:

      Awww, you beat me to it, just saw this sign there a few weeks ago, and verified it, its correct.

  12. The One Guy says:

    94 steps to the brink on the sign, 94 steps to the brink,
    Take one step, look at the sign,
    93 steps to the brink on the sign.
    93 steps to the brink on the sign…

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