Where’s the Measuring Tape?

Funny Signs - Where's the Measuring Tape?

Submitted by: Ahmed via Oddly Specific

Because if I’m trying to put out a fire, the first thing I’m going to check is that I’m the correct distance away.

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56 Responses to Where’s the Measuring Tape?

  1. sfp says:

    2.43 m is 8 feet. I love that they couldn’t be bothered to put both measurements on there [ 2.43m (8ft) ] since obviously a lot of the English speaking world is just as familiar with feet as meters.

  2. 2.43 meters is, of course, what you get if you convert 8 feet to meters without thinking about significant figures. I remember seeing something similar on some food package that said something like “Add 236 ml to 473 ml of water to reach desired consistency.” Such a broad range, yet such precise endpoints!

    • Tim says:

      And to further ignore SIG FIGs 8′ is actually closer to 244 cm than 243 🙂 I’ll have to save this one for my physics students.

  3. Dr W says:

    Haha. Looks like somebody just converted 8 feet to meters.

  4. 4th horseman says:

    I’d be worried the measurement wouldn’t be accurate or precise since one end of the measuring tape is going to be in the fire..

  5. Confused says:

    Conversion to decimal FAIL!

  6. bilbo says:

    Actually, likely a conversion to metric fail.


    • Matthias says:

      Note: “8 ft in m” works just as well.

      A reasonable metric distance would be “2½ m”.

  7. jamisings says:

    You’d make sure if your name was Adrian Monk!

  8. SuperSnotling says:

    Amount of people that knew 8ft = 2.43m (give or take a little) = 0
    Amount of people who typed “2.43m in ft” into Google and rounded up = everyone.

    And yes, I’m included in ‘everyone’ 😛

  9. Magzime says:

    It’s just as bad as some translations on TV here (Quebec). We can hear the real voice in the background say something like “That guy must have been at least 6 feet tall!!”, in a shootout report let’s say, and the voiceover in french would then claim (with an overly fake emphasis tone) “That guy must have been at least 1 meter and 83!!” (in french of course…). Just as if someone, in the middle of a gunfight, could estimate to the exact centimeter the height of a running man… Yuck!

  10. fraoch says:

    ‘It isn’t working! Why isn’t the fire going out?!’
    ‘You fool! You’re 2.5 meters away! You’ve killed us all!!

  11. bananacat says:

    This is actually a significant digits fail. The conversion is more precise than the number it started with.

    [/channeling college engineering professor]

  12. ba12348 says:

    Its natural selection, while you meter speakers are trying to figure out where to stand, us real measurement speakers left long ago and let someone else (you) try to put the fire out

    • Hope says:

      You dropped some of your punctuation while you were running away in fear. I picked it up for you. ‘ ; – .

    • MLD says:

      I didn’t realise people spoke in meters

    • CJ the Poet says:

      Some people oft speak much in meters
      Iambic, trochaic, the leaders
      Spondaic, dactylic
      They’re always idyllic
      Anapestic for lim’ricks’ slight cheaters

    • actually, it’s the other way around….the mighty metric men (and women) are laughing as the imperial ingrates are trying to work out what a meter is…..

  13. Luke says:

    And they spelt metres wrong

    • Eagle800911 says:

      it’s the americanized spelling…but considering the fact we would have put it into feet, i think this counts as a win for you

  14. Emily says:

    did everyone seriously not notice that each of these points all say 1. before them.
    1. pull pin
    1. start back 2.43 m.
    1. squeeze lever.

    • Anon says:

      i did, wonder why no one else did

    • it’s all supposed to be performed in a fluid motion…..either that, or the anti-discrimination people have been around and said that no one instruction is any more important than another, therefore they should all be number 1.

  15. Monk says:

    Ok, you hold the measuring tape down there…… *steps back 2.43 meters*

  16. Tank668 says:

    And no one translated it to Smoots?

  17. Kris says:

    is it 2.43m from the centre of the phone or the edge?

  18. Daniel Barkalow says:

    “I’d like some inch and a quarter drywall screws.” “Sorry, we’re only allowed to sell metric lengths now.” “Oh.” “Would you like some 3.175 cm drywall screws?” “… Yes, I think that will do.”

    • Ironica says:

      You may be jesting, but my architect had to go all over town to find metric screws to get my new shower tap installed.

  19. Rickster says:

    When I worked at IBM, they “went metric” – well, the whole US did for a while, but then they came back.

    One manual that I had written had said “install the unit at least 10 feet from a wall”
    where I had just arbitrarily pulled 10 feet out of my butt.
    It became “Install the unit at least 3.048M from the wall”
    Like we needed three decimal places.

  20. Wabs says:

    2.43 meters….do I need to bust out the ruler for that or….?

  21. 4n0n1m0u5 says:

    No! I’m gonna stand 0 meters from the fire and aim at my feet!

  22. Randy says:

    Notice the steps go 1-2-1

  23. Fatal says:

    I had a high school Chem teacher who had to use a fire extinguisher once and stood too close and it ended up blowing the fire on the desk of the front row so all the kids in the front row lost their books.

    • Tim says:

      bet it could have been avoided had the teacher read the directions and stood 2.44m from the fire.

  24. emily says:

    Oh my gosh…I have that fire extinguisher in my bathroom!
    The sad thing is, it has definitely been there since before I was born.

  25. jimimnyperson says:

    All this is ridiculos. Personally, I wouldn’t touch the imperial system with a 3.048m barge pole…

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