No Basketballs

Funny Signs - No Basketballs

Submitted by: megaroos via Oddly Specific

Would that count as traveling?

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26 Responses to No Basketballs

  1. Dr Sparrow says:

    What is the space spiral? Furthermore, what does it have against basketballs?

    • Clicky. It’s in Cedar Point, the self-proclaimed Roller Coaster Capital of the World.

      Per their website, it’s “Located near Disaster Transport”.

  2. Dan says:

    That ruins my game of horse 😦

  3. Sarah says:

    Shirts and shoes required… so I can leave my pants at home then?

    • Someone says:

      Pants are for squares!

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      It’s a good idea to leave them at home. That way the ride won’t make you soil them.

    • fuzzy_dragon says:

      snort… if you have ever had a ride on that, you would know that’s not likely…. unless you have a fear of heights or elevators. other then the Ferris-wheel that has got to be the slowest ride on the point lol

  4. Steeleye5 says:

    looks like the Slam Dunk Contest will have to be moved

  5. dan says:

    lol, Having worked at an amusement park ride, it makes perfect sense that both those items are listed. Better to put it on a sign than have to say, “I’m sorry guys, but you can’t take your balls on this ride.”

    • D.M. says:

      This makes sense to me, too. Regardless of the fact that (like some people are saying) the ride is in Cedar Point and all that, I’ve seen teens and gangs walking around amusement parks with basketballs, so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they were having trouble with that, either.
      (No, I’m not being sarcastic.)

  6. Music-chan says:

    Oh, Cedar Point, that makes more sense then. People get basketballs and stuff from the games so there were probably kids wandering around with them and it caused issues at one point.

    Gotta love that they had to include it though.

    • Dr. Sparrow says:

      Someone should investigate the possiblity of using a roller-coaster as a basketball launcher.
      That would be awesome!!!

    • Music-chan says:

      Let’s get on that!

      I can’t see any legal ramifications from this course of action! ;D

  7. UKSponge360 says:

    aw shoot…

  8. Me says:

    Sorry, Pistol Pete…

  9. Lytrigian says:

    But footballs are just fine, right?

  10. Vivendos says:

    Guess i’ll have to bring a football instead.

  11. lux_freerider says:

    so, footballs are okay then ?

  12. says:

    Space Spiral; no basketballs? Hm, they probably didn’t want to have to deal with the questions like “is it travelling if I push the ball around in zero G?” I mean you can’t really dribble a ball in space.

  13. The Animal Batista says:

    Basketballs don’t hold a grudge.

  14. Anor says:

    I want to know what happened to make them have to give a warning about basketballs…

  15. Bouncy says:

    This is the very epitome of this website. Oddly Specific.

    Srsly, though, there’s probably one of those amusement park game stands nearby that gives out basketballs as prizes.

  16. Ted says:

    someone was probably doing a Dolly Parton impression

  17. CP Worker says:

    I grew up in Sandusky, Ohio and worked at Cedar Point. Two of the more popular games deal with basketball. Winners get a college (maybe NBA?) basketball as a prize. As a roller-coaster worker, we could not allow them on the ride because of the possibility of it flying out of your hands and hurting someone. (There were incidents that prompted the rule.) I’m not sure why the Space Spiral has that. You sit in cabin and it slowly spins up and then down to show you a view of Lake Erie and the Lake Erie Islands.

  18. Sparrow says:

    I am surprised there is no “Spaceballs” joke in here

  19. Declan says:

    I guess that since the name of the ride is the SPACE Spiral, the felt that the loony toons and Micheal Jordan would come on

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