Burro Sticker

Funny Signs - Burro Sticker

Submitted by: Jack Miller via Oddly Specific

I wonder how well this system works.

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47 Responses to Burro Sticker

  1. foozlesprite says:

    I like how the extraneous apostrophes seem to be added in as an afterthought.

    “Does this need apostrophes?”
    “Well why the heck not?”

    • master baiter says:

      No,it doesn’t.
      A hair-splitting nerd.
      Anyway, it’s “apostrophies”, you know… (shakes head in disgust…)

    • baited says:

      It’s so totally NOT “apostrophies”! The -ies ending is only for pluralizing words ending in -y (and not for those ending the homophonous Greek -e). Come on, now! If you’re going to be a hair-splitting nerd, then BE one, by God! 🙂

    • TeeBee says:

      Looks more like a Capostrophy to me.

    • Jack says:

      Actually, the apostrophes were there and someone had scratched them out in ballpoint. Whoever it was didn’t correct the other errors, though.

  2. Rachel says:

    One word: What?
    How does this even word?
    So I guess 6 words…not counting these.

  3. Amasea says:

    especially when the writers fail at grammar. Incorrect apostrophe use, thus changing the meaning of what they’re trying to say — “don’t take the sticker off it is head”?
    And incorrect use of singular/plural. At first the writer is talking about a single burro with a sticker. Then some mysterious “they” will choke to death. Then we’re back to the single stickered burro.

    • TheCannyScot says:

      Grammar correction fail: while it is awkwardly translated into American as “he/she,” in English, “they” is also an impersonal pronoun.

    • Freeloh says:

      The “they” is to be gender neutral. So you fail at that. and the apostrophes were added afterwards, obviously. Either vandalism or the people managing the sign added it because they thought it was a mistake. So you fail there as well.

    • heidrance says:

      Amasea isn’t saying “they” isn’t gender neutral. Amasea is saying that “they” is plural, while “it” is singular.

      It should read: “If you see a burro with this sticker on its head, don’t feed it. It will choke to death. Don’t take the sticker off its head.”

    • Freeloh says:

      English vocabulary greatness is declining. Like how people always think of ‘gay’ as being homosexual. WORDS CAN HAVE MULTIPLE MEANINGS. Thank you for your time. YOUR ARGUMENT IS NOW INVALIDATED.

    • Ash says:

      You lost once for using caps too much, and again for being horribly wrong (and a third time for making pointless and irrelevant arguments).

      Amasea is right. The word ‘they’ should never be used in conjunction or in reference to a singular subject. The word ‘it’ is the correct word to use.

      Just because you can’t use the language well doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. 😉

    • Stephanie says:

      The English language is – like all living languages – constantly in flux. Many sources will now accept ‘they’ as being appropriate for situations where the author wishes to refer to either/both genders. Unfortunately, we don’t have a neutral term – “it” comes with a heavy denotation of being an object rather than a person/living thing – and the default ‘he’ has passed out of use for the sexist implications that the default experiences is always male.

      I think it’s beautiful that our language is so adaptive that instead of remaining forever attached to one century and their culture and values it is able to evolve to change alongside us. Which is really very helpful considering that the very point of language is the ability to communicate with one another.

  4. flaps says:

    Should work fine — once it chokes to death, no one else will be able to feed it.

  5. Kris says:

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who finds the incorrect apostophe annoying!

  6. Tina says:

    Sorry guys, but apostrophes can be used to show possession as well as to create a contraction.

    • Horsewithnoname says:

      Except in the case of the pronoun “it”.

    • Sybil says:

      Sooo…. you see nothing wrong with this sign, then?
      Please explain.

    • GrammarNerd says:

      It’s = it is
      Its = belonging to it.

      Apostrophes can only be used to show possession when using a noun, not a pronoun. Look it up in a dictionary.

  7. MrsRochester says:

    I want that sticker.

  8. Steve says:

    If you see a burro WITHOUT this sticker on its head, you MUST feed it carrots, or it will bite you.

    • SuperFoose says:

      If this sign is where I’m thinking, then yes. Oatman, Arizona has wild burros that come down from the mountains during the day and you can feed them. Feed them or they’ll nom you!
      I crumpled up an empty carrot bag and the burro I had been feeding bit me on the boob D:

  9. TheCannyScot says:

    Waiting for this to show up on not always right dot com.

  10. Suestrav says:

    hope no one ever puts a ‘no chocolate’ sticker on my head

    • CK159 says:

      I wouldn’t worry unless you have a habit of choking and dieing from eating said chocolate.

  11. TravelingMan says:

    This is from Oatman, AZ. There are free-range burros that have been breeding since the mining town stopped being a mining town and turned in to a little tourist spot. You can see one of the burros at http://www.flickr.com/photos/21818633@N08/4592360163/

    • Michelle says:

      As I’m waiting for the page to load, I’m really, really hoping this particular burro has a sticker on its head.

    • Michelle says:

      Oh, and thanks for posting. I will leave the sticker suspense for someone else.

  12. chocochi says:

    that’s funny!
    What’s a burro?

  13. Beccity98 says:

    So…do some burros choke on carrots, and some not? What is wrong with them that they cannot chew properly?

    • CMS says:

      They put those stickers on the babies. Like human kids, they will put anything in their mouths, and alot of people don’t realize that they can’t have carrots that young.

  14. flaps says:

    chocochi, all is explained at http://lmgtfy.com/?q=burro

  15. Horsewithnoname says:

    Somewhere, there’s an very annoyed donkey with a sticker stuck to its head.

  16. Matthew says:

    The burro equivalent of a “kick me” sign.

    The drawing ensures that even the illiterate will pass him up with the carrots.

  17. Violet says:

    About halfway down this page is a burro with a sticker on its head: http://www.shari.com/2009/06/oatman-arizona.html

  18. will says:

    Picky, picky, picky! The essence of the sign is what counts, not the basis for an English usage and punctuation lesson. Get a life, folks, and enjoy the humor!

  19. Vasooki says:

    Omg! I’ve been there! The baby burrows are the ones who have the stickers on their heads, because they can only have milk. :3 I love that place! Most of the burrows have names as well. Last time I was there, I named one pig because it kept eating and wouldn’t go away. xD

  20. wat says:

    Wow so many complain about grammar, does no one CARE about the typography?!! Talk about terrible, stretching the font, squishing the font, ugg! Atrocious! How do they expect to be taken seriously?

  21. A says:

    Because the burros are too much of an ass to know better than to choke.

  22. Darcie says:

    I’ve actually been to this place. I never considered how crazy the sign would sound out of context.

    It’s a tourist trap on route 66 where wild burros walk the streets and you can feed them. Apparently the babies can’t have the carrots. I was very confused as to why they had stickers on them, as you encounter the burros long before you do the sign!

  23. thegriffin88 says:

    The fact that they are stickering burros is cause for alarm.

  24. essie says:

    oatman, arizona?

  25. Kirajenlove says:

    Those donkeys forgot how to chew.

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