The Terrified Lecture

Funny Signs - The Terrified Lecture

Submitted by: University of Sunderland, UK via Oddly Specific

Terrified of what? Chemistry? The lecture? The idea that Ice IX will someday kill us all?

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36 Responses to The Terrified Lecture

  1. MacFall says:

    “Chemistry for the Terrified” is a separate phrase modifying the world “lecture”. The fact that the two appear on separate lines ought to make this clear.

    It is a lecture for those who are terrified, presumably of chemistry.
    Sorry, this just isn’t funny.

    • Daniel says:

      You’re right that it isn’t funny, but the sign would have been helped by the judicious use of quotation marks, by hyphenation, or by simply omitting the word “lecture” in the first instance.

    • Passerby says:

      You are absolutely right.

      In fact, none of the posts you find in this site is funny at all once you analyze them.

      It’s the problem with being anal and analyzing everything. You miss the fun.

  2. Amasea says:

    Actually, this is oddly UNspecific.

  3. TychaBrahe says:

    Ice IV? Did you mean Ice IX? Or is that the great-grandson if Ice-T?

  4. DocE says:

    Ice IX. Joke fail.

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    What’s Ice IX?

  6. user 6437378 says:

    Failure from every angle.

  7. Someone says:

    Tom Cowie must be as awesome as Chuck Norris is, if he can frighten lecture!

  8. LizardKing75 says:

    HAHAHAHA…When my little brother was first learning how to talk, a lot of the words he said would sound like something else, one of them was coward and it sounded like cowie when he said it (I won’t tell you what it sounded like when he said fox)…anyway, when I saw this sign it looked to me like a guy named Coward giving a lecture on being terrified…how perfectly fitting.

  9. Turnabout says:

    That’s a very forced 8-Bit Theatre joke in the subtitle.

  10. outrofulano says:

    Must be Professor Johnathan Crane.

  11. Foe-on Nine says:

    Goes by the name of Thomas J. Coward.

  12. kurt vonnegut says:

    Kurt Vonnegut reference win.

  13. Dork says:

    Vonnegut Reference FTW!

  14. Seak says:

    Awesome Cat’s Cradle reference. Agreed with the post above. 🙂 I’m definitely terrified of that.

  15. spazkitty says:

    Cat’s Cradle WIN! Who wouldn’t be terrified by it?!

  16. Pax says:

    Maybe the lecture is terrified and has a girlfriend.

  17. will says:

    I thought it was kinda funny, but then I tend not to over analyze everything that comes along.

  18. Midas says:

    Vonnegut reference FTW

  19. Annie says:

    Whoever uploaded this and made the reference, i love you! It made my day 🙂

  20. Rose says:

    Haha Yeah that was extremely random, quite happy about the “Cats Cradle” reference 😛

  21. NoR says:

    +4 internetz and +12 literacies for the Cat’s Cradle joke! :3

  22. Sis says:

    Well played Vonnegut reference!

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