Sound the Alarm!

Funny Signs - Sound the Alarm!

Submitted via Oddly Specific

If you can’t hear it, that’s how you know it’s working.

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21 Responses to Sound the Alarm!

  1. A Noun says:

    It will sound next to the fallen tree in the forest, and there will be no one around to hear it.

  2. ConfuciusHaiku says:

    The sound of one hand clapping
    The sound of silence
    If tampered with her

    • ConfuciusHaiku says:

      er… except I put the first two lines out of order.
      trying to rush. sigh…

  3. Stunbunny says:

    I bet it’s on right now! You should go check it.

  4. Dr Zeus says:

    Release the Kraken!!

  5. that-guy-who-captions-stuff-ineffectively says:

    I find this quite alarming…The sign next to it SHER does anyway…

    • Ash says:

      …. That’s the end of Fire Extinguisher. Do you work around so many long, red, cylindrical things that that didn’t spring to mind?

  6. Ms. Ella says:

    That means that you wouldn’t hear it. But where ever the alarm goes to, they will hear it. =D

  7. Zoletil says:

    If you tamper with it, it will become audible.

  8. Lizard says:

    Not so silent now are you?? Whhaaahaaahhaaa!!

  9. PooOnShu says:

    Millions of business use silent alarms, so I’m not sure why this is funny.

    • skeptic says:

      Because, you see, in a good sign, the phrase would be “be triggered” rather than “sound”. As the sign stands, it is definitely Zen.

    • kvweber says:

      Not everyone understands the concept of a silent alarm. I had to explain it to a dorm-mate who didn’t understand why setting off a silent alarm would be so bad- since no one would hear it. This is an average American college student on the Dean’s List, so it’s not like he’s an idiot, he’d just never really seen one before.

      So, it’s funny because people who do not understand the concept would find it odd.

    • ZE says:

      The *average* American college student on the Dean’s List? Um…I know we have pretty bad grade inflation in a lot of US schools but the average student does not have a 3.9 or above. Although it makes sense that you would say that if you go to the same school. Just what school is this so I can be sure to double check if I’m ever hiring from there?

      And just because I feel like poking a dead horse…an “American” college would include any college in Mexico, Columbia, Peru, etc.

    • says:

      Read closer: Silent alarm will sound. See a problem?

    • Sargasm says:

      It seems kind of stupid to put a sign up for a silent alarm in the first place, seeing as it’s supposed to be about stealth.

  10. Hope says:

    Every alarm is silent until it sounds.

  11. Nik says:

    shouldn’t this be in “friends of irony”?

  12. iluvmacs102 says:

    Sound the alarm! You’re gonna feel uncomfortably tampered with!

  13. Ryan says:

    So who else thought of Bloc Party?

  14. Jayden says:

    We never think that we’re missing much ’til I gasp and Hold my breath

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