Which Street?

Funny Signs - Which Street?

Submitted via Oddly Specific

Anyone else thinking of Abbott and Costello? Anyone? No? Just me then.

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44 Responses to Which Street?

  1. Seth says:

    Them addresses in Utah are pretty simple anyway…

  2. Ed Greenberg says:

    San Rafael, CA and Hayward, CA both have lettered streets like this. What’s nice about Hayward’s A Street is that it crosses Hwy 880, which offers “A Street” as a big green freeway sign.

  3. Johan Larsby says:

    it’s where the A-Team lives!

  4. Katrina says:

    Who’s on first???

  5. Costello says:

    That’s where Who lives

  6. Mr. Dubya says:

    If this is A Street, then Who’s on first?

  7. Your innerself says:

    No wonder some people get lost!

  8. KingJulian says:

    a comment

  9. Daniel says:

    It could have been This St, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  10. Rob says:

    There’s a freeway exit on 880 in the San Francisco area for

    A Street

  11. Jim says:

    The thing that makes this even more egregious, is that where this sign is (in Northern Utah), streets generally have numbers, not names. So this street SHOULD also list a numeric equivalent, but we see it doesn’t.

  12. Someone says:


  13. marika says:

    This is my hometown!

  14. Patteroast says:

    A street named after a letter of the alphabet? I’ve never heard of anything so outrageous. Oh wait, no. I have. Not really funny.

  15. Matt J says:

    I want to go onto Z street though!

  16. joe says:

    oddly non-specific…

  17. Noah says:

    I think there are a lot of towns/cities that have lettered streets, including “A” Street. Lincoln, NE is one.

    (Of course, there, the lettered streets run east/west, but most of Lincoln is on the “east” part so the east part of A Street isn’t called E A St: it’s just called A St.)

  18. J says:

    Omaha has quiet a few east-west streets named with one letter, “A” Street is a little south of Center Road. I live near “Q” Street.

    And thats the form – when mentioned in print the street names that are just 1 letter are always in quotes.

    • Hope says:

      Putting the street name in quotes looks odd. You wouldn’t say “Main” Street. Why didn’t they give them names?

    • J says:

      I have no idea. It was done long before I moved here.

      Q isn’t in quotes in the street signs and city maps. And it isn’t in quotes in someone’s address on an envelope or package. But when the newspaper reports something on that street its written as “Q” Street, with Q in quotes.

  19. That’s where Who lives

    • The One Guy says:

      The first baseman.

      (Just wanted to add some déjà vu for people reading the comments.)

  20. Tom says:

    This is my hometown! Sadly, I don’t know where A Street is. Usually Utah streets are all numbered on a grid system.

  21. Joe says:

    @ rubya: Yes

  22. Erica says:

    Anybody else thinking Avenue Q?

  23. Grumblesocks says:

    What street?

  24. Lajenfodro says:

    Wouldn’t this make it Oddly Vague?

  25. Andiam says:

    This isn’t the only street in Utah with a letter for a name. The Avenues in Salt Lake are all letters and numbers. Like 1st and A, 7th and L. I’ve gone all the way to K Street I think?

  26. Tucker says:

    Reminds me when my GPS makes me go on an unmarked street: “Turn left on road”

  27. Frankie says:

    Hi, I live on the corner of A Street and N Avenue … go ahead… find me ..

  28. Blu says:

    My family and I were visiting California, my sister’s boyfriend using his GPS on his phone. It told us to turn onto “A Street”. We figured he needed to pay the service more to figure out which street it was.

  29. BobaTheFett says:

    I can just see this conversation:
    “Hey, what street do you live on?”
    “A street.”
    “I knew that. I said which one?”
    “I told you, A STREET!”
    “For cryin’ out loud, man, just tell me the #@^%^@ street!”
    “It’s hopeless.”
    “Oh, you live on Hopeless Street?”
    “NO! I ^#@$%ing LIVE ON %$#%ing A ^#%#ing STREET!”
    “Wait, what?”

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