Totally Ruined My Birthday

Funny Signs - Totally Ruined My Birthday

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Not even on Cinco de Mayo? Now how am I supposed to celebrate?

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19 Responses to Totally Ruined My Birthday

  1. Aron Elvis says:

    Would you say I have a plethora of piñatas?

  2. Your innerself says:

    Just hang a real cat…

  3. awesomeness says:

    what will they do if you have one?

  4. Sofa Spud says:

    Si, Aron Elvis; you have a plethora.

    Question: Why do so many gringos in the U.S. celebrate the Battle of Puebla? It can’t be just as an excuse to get hammered, they do that anyway…

    • wargh says:

      Never underestimate the drinking capacities of the bar-going douchehole population.

    • katscratch says:

      Sure it is!
      Same reason so many non-Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with copious libations, as well. As long as it’s *anybody’s* holiday that can be celebrated with booze, it’s fair game.

  5. Sarge says:

    Balloons stuffed with candy are ok, though.

  6. Chimmey Chonga says:

    Nice try, but they outlawed pinatas, not piñatas.

  7. Fawfulster says:

    Fail, there is no word like “pinata”, it’s “piÑata” (no, that small barely visible scratch above the “N” doesn’t count).

  8. Jess says:

    It doesn’t look like a real sign esp. with the nails looking like cartoons.

  9. Tara says:

    Gotta love Arizona!

  10. angel says:

    I don’t think this was in arizona, to tell you the truth

  11. CC says:

    Its probably in a park. There is a similar sign in a park where I live (I took a picture of it too :D) I’m assuming it’s because pinatas are messy and people don’t always clean up after themselves. Nevertheless it makes me laugh 🙂

  12. Ci says:

    that pinata has a Romanian flag on it 😐

  13. Nick says:

    I used to work at a park, and pinatas are nearly impossible to clean up. I completely agree with this sign!

  14. Mark Smanship says:

    No pinatas–or you’ll get busted.

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