Looks More Like a Stake

Funny Signs - Looks More Like a Stake

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

But, ya know, that’s just my opinion.

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27 Responses to Looks More Like a Stake

  1. Adams says:

    Where’s the stripper?

  2. EARLS says:


  3. 5150 says:

    Smokin some pole.

  4. crazy says:

    His name is Paul!

  5. Noah says:

    Yay… I can take a contour integral around this area and it won’t be zero!

  6. Manda says:

    It’s for pole beans.

  7. Mc says:

    Pole goes where!?!?

  8. Bigs says:

    Surveyor’s stake–that’s where the pole is supposed to go.

  9. MeanDean says:

    Several feet away is a post with “HUNGARIAN” written on it. It’s how the Eastern European mob keeps track of dead stoolies.

    • OtakuSamurai says:

      That was my joke… I was thinking it was some kind of nationality slur, perhaps smelling of urine and annoying laughs. But we don’t make slurs like that around here.

  10. Luka says:

    South or North?

  11. ikiru2009 says:

    I personally would prefer to write the name of the person I bury on the stick, instead of just his nationality….

  12. dw says:

    “What part of ‘Meet us at the Stick’ did he not understand?” Strong Bad

  13. Steve says:

    This is a stake from Poland.

  14. scarface says:

    It’s a mis-stake!

  15. kozowh says:

    The stack is just a baby pole. Wait ’til it grows up.

  16. crista says:

    It’s a euphemism so the vampires won’t be offended.

  17. slobbo says:

    It is just a marker for where a pole will be

  18. Jason says:

    they better have called 8-1-1

  19. Mark Smanship says:

    Somebody needs to polish their Polish. Because there’s a lot at stake here.

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