Just Hold it In

Funny Signs - Just Hold it In

Submitted via Oddly Specific

Grossest. Sign. Ever.

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59 Responses to Just Hold it In

  1. Untelligent says:

    Oop, shouldn’t have had that stack of bran muffins for breakfast before I came to Douglas County.

  2. Animaphagus says:

    been there done that

    • Too Much Information says:

      Ditto. For three days.
      That’s what happens when you’ve suddenly become lactose-intolerant overnight and eat a whole medium sized pizza the next night.

    • Quin Glitch says:

      i too have been there. food poisoning and flu. at the same time

  3. Someone says:

    Not allowed to shit, and especially not allowed to shit through your nose!

  4. A Noun says:

    Oh no, Sneezefarts. Quarantine!

  5. Pete says:

    Ever sneezed so hard you crap yourself? Must happen a lot there.

    Either that, or they need to lay off the ping pong balls.

  6. TheCannyScot says:

    Brought to you by Pepto-Bismol.

  7. ElvenBookwyrm says:

    Did you notice the company that makes that sign?

    • Lollipoop says:

      Yeah . . . who knew there was an International Association for Vomit and Feces Protection!

  8. Sarge says:

    Douglas Country: When men are men and women are women and sick people are expected to swell up until they explode.

  9. Seibee says:

    To be fair, you’d stay home if you felt that ill.

  10. Bob says:

    I, for one, welcome our Vomit and Feces Protection overlords.

  11. BellaMuerte92 says:

    Vomit and Feces Protection? What?

  12. dollops says:

    “International Association for Vomit and Feces Protection”
    I never knew bodily fluids needed protection.
    You learn something new everyday.

  13. Kelbel says:

    Awesome! I’ll put that sign next to Please Remove Shoes!

  14. outrofulano says:

    No puking and farting black balls at the same time?

  15. hmmm says:

    “International Association for Vomit and Feces Protection”? REALLY?
    … brb, there’s no way I can sleep tonight unless I find out whether that is a legitimate organization.

  16. springlering says:

    It’s even better when you notice that it is copyrighted to the “International Association for Vomit and Feces Protection.” Why does such a thing exist, and what kind of person joins something like that???

  17. tag says:

    They wouldn’t get a sign unless somebody had done it.

  18. heather says:

    hahaha. Oh Omaha, you are so classy.

    • HaWKEYE GIRL says:

      Thats what I did when our mayor made that deal screwing us over witht he new ball diamond. Oh Omaha indeed. Oh on another note I think this should be our new city logo hell its better then Rare well done.

  19. Your innerself says:

    …when you sick by both end…

  20. Aweeleprechan says:

    i honestly hope this is from my local health department….anyone know which douglas county this might be?

    • SuanSwan says:

      Omaha, NE. I took this photo. Actually posted on a window by the entrance door. Too special.

    • That one guy says:

      It’s at the Crescent Moon in Omaha. It’s a modified sneeze guard warning sticker.

    • Aweeleprechan says:

      damn…was hoping for Douglas County, KS

    • Jeff says:

      Is this sticker also by the entrance of the Crescent Moon? Because I saw this sticker on the mirror in the men’s room.

    • Ryvyn says:

      Yeah, it’s by the door. I happened to look up and see it while I was eating, and I laughed clam chowder out through my nose, thereby breaking the rule mandated by the sticker.

  21. violetflame says:

    Feces Protection??

  22. Elic says:

    I didn’t know vomit and feces needed protection.

  23. Corn says:

    So you’re not allowed to sneeze and fart circles?

  24. cranium says:

    I thought it meant ‘no speeches by Sarah Palin permitted here’

  25. snokful says:

    Looks like a joke sign? (I hope…) Especially considering what it’s copyrighted to?

  26. vendrahdee says:

    The awesome thing is that I reside in Douglas County, Minnesota.

    Sure hope this sign is for us 🙂

  27. FrankieJTKP says:

    Oh, wow. Anyone know where this was taken? I live in Douglas County, Colorado, and if the sign is here I now have one more reason to procrastinate on my homework. 😉

    • ron says:

      I used to live in Douglas County Wisconsin, and if that sign is there then there is a good reason I can never go back.

  28. meather says:

    we tried this website (the international association of vomit and feces protection) and it definitely does not work. this is an outrage. the world deserves to know. who will protect us against vomit and feces now?

  29. Suestrav says:

    It’s actually known as the Ministry for Poo and Spew.

  30. Blake says:

    As I read this, I am forbidden to both have a bowel movement and vomit simultaneously. I must therefore do these acts sequentially, in which case the international vomit association will be just fine with it.

  31. oddbob says:

    Odd thing, actually… my old cat does that…

    Gross, I know, but sadly true…

  32. a says:

    lol sneezefart

  33. Lovebug says:

    Dangit, knew I shouldn’t have gone for the extra-long string of anal beads…

  34. Smith says:

    I live in douglas county (it’s in colorado, south of denver.)

  35. chaz says:

    its says international vomit and feces foundation at the bottom haha

  36. will says:

    I REALLY try my best not to…. REALLY!

  37. ru4real says:

    this is a photoshopped joke sticker done by a few friends and stuck up in a bar in Omaha, Nebraska (aka Douglas County Nebraska) Man, I can’t believe people thought this was real.

  38. Zeriouzly? says:

    Dude, that happens. To me that means “don’t fart/sneeze”. That’s a very common thing, you know, like a huge sneeze, you block it, and boom.

  39. Evan says:

    The place that made the sign is the “International Association fro Vomit and Feces Protection”. That’s sad

  40. Doodaddy says:

    Fart and sneeze at the same time? Small world….

  41. lolmao says:

    DOUBLE SPREAD SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. GreySunday says:

    Um, does anyone else see what it says on the bottom there?
    “International Association for Vomit and Feces Protection”

  43. Broc says:

    Dang so now they won’t allow Ben-wa Balls !

  44. rJe says:

    I think the lesson here is not to put those ass-balls in your mouth or nose.

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