That’s What She Said?

Funny Signs - That's What She Said?

Submitted by: Russ via Oddly Specific

Heheh, de-mating.

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15 Responses to That’s What She Said?

  1. venomlash says:

    Technical terms are funny. Just ask any geologist about cleavage planes.

  2. Nameless Commenter says:

    Pull ALL of them straight out

  3. Brewski says:

    Get a room!

  4. Sarge says:

    Pull straight out, put gay in. Now you’ve successfully de-mated your mating ritual.

  5. “Straight Eye for the Queer Guy”..

  6. Scuzzy Pete says:

    … or else you’ll be bending your pin.

  7. howcheng says:

    Heh, my dad used to work for Adaptec.

  8. Quagmire says:


  9. Atheismo says:

    That’s what she said.

  10. Foo says:

    Looks like a SCSI-2 connector with an active terminator plugged in

  11. ZJ says:

    Aw, the plug and socket are divorcing already??
    They were MADE for eachother!!!

  12. halochick says:

    Sheesh! just go ahead and say abortion, no need to “dress up” the facts. you’re killing a baby no matter how you say it.
    de-mating……oh GOD what is this world coming to………..

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