Sign Me Up!

[linkimage]Funny Signs - Sign Me Up![/linkimage]

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

It’s not about the qualifications, it’s about the experience!

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31 Responses to Sign Me Up!

  1. Nick says:

    Server problems much?

    The picture shows a flyer on a bulletin board, with a police baton labeled “Small penis?” and under it “Metropolitan police” “Don’t suffer in silence, Join the force!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    404 lol not found

  3. Ohai says:

    Digs at the reason for personality disorders of law enforcement, always funny, for 2 seconds.

  4. Lizard says:

    I wonder what responders to this add fill out in the section that says “how did you hear about us?”

  5. Seibee says:

    I can see it just fine.

    And that /can’t/ be real. Can it?

    • says:

      I’m sure it was really put up. I’m sure it was NOT really put up by the police department.

    • Tom Sawyer says:

      It was put up by the Fire Department.

    • D.M. says:

      That makes sense, because I was going to say it’s obvious that someone took the layout of a police poster and just changed the words on it.

    • Pyro says:


      Just look at the funny part of the title; no caps, what appears to be a default font…

    • D.M. says:

      Yeah, exactly. Not to mention the irony of writing the “small penis” part in a larger font size…

  6. Anna H says:

    What are they measuring against? Are you rejected if it’s bigger than the bat in the picture?

  7. Jack says:


  8. Mister Dictionary says:

    … Does this really belong here? Seems that this would be more at home at HackedIRL.

  9. master baiter says:

    Become a GREAT DICK! by joining the force.

  10. Moonian says:

    Ah, one of those “enlargement spam”…

  11. KirLog says:

    Ohhhh… so THAT’S why cops hate black guys.

    • Jason says:

      Oh sure, go for the cheap racial stereotypes. Though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, coming from someone with an avatar like that. Sieg heil much?

    • D.M. says:

      You think he’d be happy he has a large black penis, but NOOOOO, he goes for the counter-strike instead. Unless he’s just an angry white guy with a tiny penis.

    • Nick says:

      EPIC WIN!

    • Jeremy says:

      That is really racist… but it made me laugh.

  12. cranium says:

    unfair! They allow women in the police force nowadays.

  13. Bosco says:

    Doherty… D:

  14. will says:

    The next time someone asks me why I became a cop many years ago…..

  15. buzzkill says:

    it must’ve been so awkward for the people coming in a week after this sign was put up

  16. Miss A. says:

    Women talk, and I heard one woman refer to her husbands as an “innie”, but he had a very good job.

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