None Day Only Sale

Funny Signs - None Day Only Sale

Submitted by: phoenix_sparrow via Oddly Specific

And who says you never use math in the real world?

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18 Responses to None Day Only Sale

  1. Devil Dan says:

    You get 2 free items, if you buy 3 for 15.

  2. A Hilarious Joker Type says:

    Sorry to bring reality into the hilarity but people really are that stupid. Without a sign like this people assume it’s three pound for both the mop and bucket even though the tags clearly show they are sold as separate items.

    • androshalforc says:

      the store i work at we sell garbage cans (with lids), unfortunately garbage cans with lids on don’t stack well so we stack the garbage cans together and stack the lids together on the shelf above the garbage cans.
      you would be surprised how many people ask if they have to buy the lid separately.

    • Lisa says:

      Yeah, my first thought was that anybody who thinks this is funny has never worked in retail, never had to deal with irate customers who insist that the price tag refers to a pair of matched items rather than to each one.

  3. Lizard says:

    £12 if you purchase two pairs. This must be a special help sign for people who no so good witha the math.

  4. Sarge says:

    Now available for the mathematically challenged.

  5. Mr.Bargain says:

    No no no…put the calculator away, this is a special deal…I promise.

  6. Mike says:

    I guess the only thing dumber than this sign is the fact that it was needed.

    • Frurry says:

      people really are that dumb, i work at an office supplies store, you wouldnt guess the amount of people who think the shelf price of £3 for the letter trays is for the whole stack of 5 instead of individual

  7. blokeice says:

    ah yes its the great buy one get one full price sale.

  8. Joseph says:

    How THick?? :L Haha
    I wanna meet the guy who wrote this 🙂

  9. Pig Benis says:

    But I thought that the pound system was logarythmic!

  10. Pyro says:

    Maybe math works different in the U.K.?

  11. This Guy says:

    Believe it or not, there is a Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville which offers $2 tacos…or 3 for $6.99.

    I don’t know if he’s the worst mathematician I’ve ever met, or the most conniving restaurateur.

  12. Understanding guy says:

    You know, it just clarifies the fact they are sold together, since it’s not always clear. Like the guy above who was selling garbage cans with lids; it’s really unclear if you put them apart. Better ask before you buy.

    And indeed, if office materials are packed in 5 items each, I’d assume the price goes for the entire package, and not just 1 of 5. Like in a supermarket, it’s always different if you may or may not rip sixpacks open to buy 1 or 2 cans.

  13. leonstrife says:

    just you watch, it’ll be 8.99 if you throw in a scrub brush >.>

  14. vagabond says:

    My school actually did something like this with prom tickets. 1 ticket for 30$ and (special deal! they said) 60$ for a couple’s ticket

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