Tickle Me Valet

Funny Signs - Tickle Me Valet

Submitted by: Chwazymoto via Oddly Specific

Don’t think for a minute that I didn’t check the mileage on my marionette first. If you decide to take it to some storybook theatre, I’m going to know.
Careful. Some of the puppets get handsy.

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14 Responses to Tickle Me Valet

  1. Anna H says:

    Glad to see Sesame Street finally got new parking spaces! I was tired of having to park the Sloppy Jalopy across town.

  2. Lizard says:

    Is this parking for puppets or by puppets? For some reason I see Rizzo the Rat, from the Muppets, and all his rat buddies running around in little red vests; and Kermit is out there yelling at them to stop crashing the cars.

  3. Suestrav says:

    Lizard- I can so see that happening! And the Swedish chef is in the booth handing out ticket.

  4. Your innerself says:

    Parked at the show “puppetryOfThePenis”?

  5. Flank says:

    No strings attached ?

  6. auntiebecky says:

    I know that sign!!

    Parking for the puppet festival in Almonte ON

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they would park your puppets there too.


  7. D.M. says:

    This sign is kind of confusing. Was it parking for a puppet show or something?

  8. The One Guy says:

    It’s for parking those who you are secretly manipulating.

  9. Broc says:

    i’m sorry but it looks like a butt plug

  10. Kirajenlove says:

    “Please keep Gelflings and Skeksis separate.”

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