Thanks for the Reminder

Funny Signs - Thanks for the Reminder

Submitted by: derpenner via Oddly Specific

But how do I GET there?

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15 Responses to Thanks for the Reminder

  1. Noah says:

    Reminds me of the department stores that always have signs saying “Up escalator” or “Down escalator” when it should be obvious which way it’s going.

  2. bob_super says:

    If it’s really the ones in ORD (looks like it), you should get the wider picture, because this is at the TOP of the escalator. So you got the “UP”, the arrow, but if you’re standing where the picture was taken, you can’t go up. If you’re downstairs you’ll know it goes up way before you see the sign.
    It’s just so people on the top floor don’t walk towards it.
    Now imagine when they do construction in the terminal, and they have to invert the escalators…
    (yeah, I know, long, post, but the context beats the picture)

    • derpenner says:

      Again, it was quite a distance away from a set of stairs that you couldn’t see very well because it blocked by a support column. With my crappy cell phone camera, you wouldn’t’ve been able to see the sign very well if I had zoomed out. Plus it was fifteen, twenty feet up in the air, so I had to.

  3. Jim says:

    what about “down”??? which way is “down”??? and I’m having trouble with “left” and “right” too lol

  4. Tim says:

    Hey, don’t knock this sign. It saves a lot of headaches. This is posted at the exit of the zero gravity chamber, so that when you come out all disoriented, you don’t end up upside down and fall on your head

    Found at the exit of a zero gravity chamber. Without this sign, what would prevent you from stepping out into normal gravity upside down, and embarrassingly and painfully crashing down to the floor?

  5. Thank God! I have such a terrible sense of direction.

  6. Seibee says:


  7. tahrey says:

    Probably by using the escalator/elevator/etc that’s just been cropped out of shot on this heavily digital-zoomed picture?

    It’s like you’re not even trying any more :/

    • derpenner says:

      Actually, no. It’s a good distance away from a set of stairs that’s blocked by a large support column. So yes, it has a legitimate purpose. And the heavily zoomed thing is because it’s high up (about fifteen feet) and my cell phone camera is crappy.

  8. The Amazing Rando says:

    I think this sign is just saying they’re showing Disney’s Up in a theater ahead.

  9. Anon says:

    Dark Knight – lolz

  10. Noha307 says:

    Should I rate this UP?

  11. P. says:

    How do you get there? Why, by attaching thousands of balloons to your house of course!

  12. themeister226 says:

    I down

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