Cover Your Shame!

Funny Signs - Cover Your Shame!

Submitted via Oddly Specific

I hear there’s an all bare bulbs place down the street, if you’re interested.

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14 Responses to Cover Your Shame!

  1. Anna H says:

    They must serve alcohol there. Heard you’re not allowed to have fully naked lights at your establishment if you also serve alcohol.

  2. Mariner says:

    Sounds funny, but this looks to be a refinery. Bare light bulbs, not enclosed in a sealed fixture have a tendency to make things explode with all those nasty volatile hydrocarbons floating around.

  3. Aaron S says:

    Oh yeah: No open flames too!

  4. bob_super says:

    yeah, like wiremesh is really gonna hide anything…

  5. master baiter says:

    Well, my lights sport bras, knickers and pettycoats. So there.

  6. tahrey says:

    Hmm, I’m guessing you’re all from a place where this term for a bare flame (or even unsealed-beam incandescent bulb) isn’t common…

    • bob_super says:

      Or we’re all joking at a common expression by taking it literally…
      Humm, no you’re right, your explanation makes more sense, we’re just too dumb to have guessed what it meant.

    • tahrey says:

      Given that this IS the internet, not to mention a site that’s also the home of failblog etc (and signs of the type “do not use this hairdryer in the shower”) it pays to be sure. Thanks for clearing it up.

  7. that-guy-who-captions-stuff-ineffectively says:

    Uh-oh, my ceiling light’s bra has caught fire. Now what?

  8. Nameless Commenter says:

    My girlfriend’s breasts are luminous. That excludes her from such places.

  9. a person says:

    Is anyone else thinking about Light Yagami? ….. wait…
    😦 awww….. no naked Lights? pitty…

  10. blokeice says:

    this sign is not that funny, its just out of context. there are some industrial applications where you do not want direct (naked) lighting.

  11. Mark Smanship says:

    British English, it means “no open flames”.

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