Where Exactly IS This Allowed?

Funny Signs - Where Exactly IS This Allowed?

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

If anyone finds out, let me know because I REALLY want to go there.

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72 Responses to Where Exactly IS This Allowed?

  1. phoebonica says:

    Ever played Scribblenauts? Riding a dinosaur = best way to get anywhere.

    • Jimmylou says:

      Yeah, but that only goes for the Pterodactlyus, this is one of that plant eating tackle lizzard.^^

  2. JustOlJon says:

    Dangit, and here I was lookin’ forward to a nice, relaxin’ ride on a Stegosaurus.

    And they probably changed the name so it’s ain’t a Stegosaurus no more. Friggin’ archaeologists, always gotta be fuxin’ stuff up fer ever’one. Consarn it!

    • Charlie Oscar Delta says:

      that’s a Ceratopian of some kind. likely tirceratops. nothing like a stegosaurus

    • SteveWithAQ says:

      That’s clearly a Triceratops. And I think you mean paleontologists.

    • JustOlJon says:

      Argh! Yes, this isn’t a Stegosaurus, it is Triceratops (also renamed, I’m sure). Here, I’m turning in my Junior Anthropologist badge and ID card….

    • JustOlJon says:

      Sheesh! Could I be more wrong in this thread? Kudos, COD and Steve for the corrections.

      *Turns in his Junior paleontologist’s blazer badge and ID card*

    • Charlie Oscar Delta says:

      It’s ok, just try to hold on to your man card

  3. Ken says:

    It could be at the Creation (ahem) Museum. P.Z. Myers had himself a little dino ride a while back. http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2009/08/the_creation_museum_1.php

    The image I’m talking about is near the bottom of the post.

  4. Ambidexter says:

    Last summer atheist, professor of biology, and blogger PZ Myers visited Ken Ham’s Creation Museum. There was a model stegosaur for kiddies to ride, so PZ climbed aboard and rode it. He later blogged about it, including giving a picture of him doing the ‘ride ’em biologist’ thing.


  5. JD says:

    That is taken at the Calgary Zoo, in their Dinosaurs Alive section.

    • Kris says:

      Wow, I just took a picture of this sign yesterday, and was going to post it this morning when I saw it here! LOL

      Did you post this pic yourself, JD? Good Call if you did! XD

  6. Kawa says:

    Not in the Creation “Museum”, it isn’t 😉

  7. Badger3k says:

    No fair – wasn’t this done before? It’s on some dinosaur statue somewhere, to tell people to stay off it. Although it could also be a sign at Ken Ham’s circle jerk establishment – they think the Flintstones is a documentary.

  8. AVY says:

    This is probably in reference to PZ Myers’ visit to the Creationist Museum, where he had his picture taken while he was on a model dinosaur.

  9. Rogueposter says:

    The original ban was for raptor riding, but a certain fireball wielding plumber disagreed.

  10. anonymous says:

    There’s a creation museum with a triceratops with a saddle.


  11. Seibee says:

    That looks like /so/ much fun.

  12. bryan e says:

    perhaps it’s a sign next to a statue? you can ride the t-rex, but not the trike.

  13. Ambidexter says:

    Sorry, that should be triceratops, not stegosaur.

  14. Kameko Suigami says:

    Jurassic Park? Just avoid the raptors.

  15. Deilupi says:

    Jurassic park, anybody?

  16. Paul S says:

    I think this is from that Creationist museum in Kentucky. They had a display of a Dinosaur with a saddle on it and atheist blogger PZ Meyers one day had a picture of himself climbing it and riding it like a cowboy.

  17. master baiter says:

    You are now leaving Dinotopia. Riding dinosaurs is no longer allowed. Have a nice walk instead.

  18. Ian says:

    If I was going to take a wild stab, I’d say it’s in a museum with a fiberglass dinosaur. But that’d be no fun would it?

  19. Exolios says:

    That’s racist. Where will I take my pet Triceratops?!

  20. Kyle says:

    They have these signs at the Calgary zoo in Alberta, Canada in the dinosaur exhibit

  21. yourmomslover says:

    why is the triceratops partially decapitated?

  22. Phoenix says:

    Ever hear of Dinotopia?

  23. Anna H says:

    Did the human race learn NOTHING from 3 Jurassic Park movies?!?

  24. orion says:

    Sure, riding a triceratops is pure epic win. But sadly since jurrasic park incidents, these signs started showing up everywhere.

  25. Graxer says:

    I’m guessing that it’s in a museum about dinosaurs. It probably means “Don’t Ride the Exhibits”.

  26. Berserkas says:

    I too wonder where is this allowed, or where it is a problem large enough to prohibit it…

  27. Michael says:

    The creationist’s museum.(there is a mechanized dinosaur to ride to support their idea that dinosaurs co-existed with humans)

  28. "Stripperella" says:

    Livin’ in the Land of the Lost! (caution, watch out for Sleestacks)

  29. Dodom says:

    *turns into a giant douchebag*
    Ow wow it worked!

  30. Seibee says:

    Needs to be Mexican bandits riding raptors.

  31. Rain says:

    It’s in Calgary, folks! The Calgary Zoo recently updated their ‘Prehistoric Park’ to include a number of really cool animatronic dinos. The signs are there to keep people from touching the exibits (although it’s a triceratops on all of the signs), but they don’t work- I’ve ridden one myself!

  32. Suestrav says:

    I’m thinking that even a short ride would have painful consequences.

  33. gdbasketcase says:

    well, they do say that history repeats itself…

  34. Samantha says:

    Calgary Zoo. In Canada.

    We have a dinosaur park.

  35. chaz says:

    this was prolly taken at some park that has dino’s (not real ones of course) and they are just lettin kids know not to get up on them

  36. =p says:

    I’m gonna say this is near the Triceratops with a saddle at the Creation Museum. Those idiots.

  37. Mandy says:

    I think this is from a Dinosaur park.. like a fake one.. We have one here where I live – its aprt of our zoo. Its a huge park that has realistic sized fake dinos.. and there are signs everywhere to stay they hell off of them.

  38. Mandy says:

    oh.. now that I see some other ppls posts, i see that it has already been established that its probaly here in Calgary..

  39. D.M. says:

    The more important question is…. “Who took a bite out of the Triceratops? And why?”

  40. LSP says:


  41. blokeice says:

    wait a minute, i know where this sign is from… i think its from the creationism museum. i went there once to look at all the crazy stuff they have (it was hilarious) and they had a giant fake dinosaur out front.

  42. Q says:

    Well, try Jurassic Park – it’s somewhere off the coast of Costa Rica

  43. Me says:

    It’s at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta ( I might have spelled Tyrell wrong) Hope you can ride legally. 8)

  44. Hungry Squirrel says:

    In Jurrasic Park, Duh!

  45. johnm says:

    i think you might be able to find nasa use the time travel device and go back in time to the dinosaur age and ride one

  46. Vanilla Godzilla says:

    Haha, I thought I might see that sign here eventually.

    Yeah, it’s a sign from the “Dinosaurs Alive” animatronic exhibit, which is currently in my city, in the Calgary Zoo. I have a picture of it on my cell phone. 🙂

  47. littlemoose29 says:

    There’s an IRL Jurassic Park being built just outside Gibbons, Canada that’s opening at the end of July, they’re going to have dinosaurs you can ride on =D

  48. Robert says:

    All these comments, and not one of ’em about the kid riding Uncle Beasley past the White House. Has “The Enormous Egg” book and TV show been forgotten? Did Oliver Butterworth live in vain? Or am I just getting to be older than dirt… sigh. Please don’t answer that.

  49. Robert says:

    Oops. Spelled “Uncle Beazley” wrong, sorry. Wonder whatever became of him… pretty sure I saw him at a mall opening in 1969.

  50. that random guy says:

    they have this at the calgary zoo

  51. Lo says:

    Sera and I would like to go too.

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