Just Sugary Ones

Funny Signs - Just Sugary Ones

Submitted by: Prospect, OR via Oddly Specific

Because then they ask for something to drink and it turns into something from that book. You know the one.

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23 Responses to Just Sugary Ones

  1. Sarge says:

    What if I just salt the chipmunks, roast them and eat them? Is that Ok? ‘Casue it’s not on the sign.

  2. bob_super says:

    I saw a chipmunk in a national park try to climb the leg of a man who was making noise with a package of chips in his coat pocket. For 5 minutes, surrounded by 15 people taking pictures, the chipmunk stood on the guy’s shoe.

    • Mabinogius says:

      I’ve had ground squirrels eat crackers out of my hand before. It was in the campground about 5 miles from this very sign. They just don’t want them taking any salty foods back to their winter food stores, otherwise it will spoil. So says the other signs, at least.

    • ZE says:

      No picture of that supposed sign? Salt is a preservative, it would be less likely to spoil.

  3. Seibee says:

    I know they get addicted to peanuts..

  4. Sarah says:

    If you’ve ever had pet rodents or birds you would know the peanuts and sunflower seeds that you would buy from the local gasstation isn’t good for them because of the excessive amount of salt.
    Imagine eating a cup of salt everyday and count how long it takes to
    have a heart attack. For their small body mass a peanut has more than enough salt to give them a corinary.

  5. ladybug says:

    They dont want you to feed them salt because it will dehydrate them. Most rodents get all the water they need from the moisture contained in the food they eat (unless they live in a cage in which case they get water bottles). If they eat too much salty foods they will dehydrate dangerously and can end up dying.

  6. The Amazing Rando says:

    Well, you don’t want to raise their blood pressure too much.

  7. Brooke says:

    Ohh… I’ll just feed them some *mildly* salted peanuts…

  8. Nameless Commenter says:

    Salt makes their voices low. We need them as high and annoying as possible!

  9. MrsRochester says:

    “If You Give a Chipmunk a French Fry” just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

  10. cargirl says:

    Maybe they don’t know the book…
    …where you get them the cup of water, and they’ll remember that they left the tap on in the bathroom. When they go up to the bathroom, they’ll suddenly feel like taking a bath, so they ask you for some bath toys. When you bring the bath toys, they’ll see the ball, and just have to take it outside and bounce it on the the sidewalk. When they get outside, they will see it is a sunny day, so they will ask you to go for a bike ride with them. After they go for a long bike ride, they’re thirsty, so they’ll ask you for a cup of water, and if they ask you for a cup of water…
    …you know they’ll ask you for salty food to go with it.

    • Richard says:

      Qwill is funnier in the overall direction, but cargirl wins the comments for sounding like it was written by the same lady who writes the books.

  11. Qwill says:

    If you give a chipmunk a salty snack, he’s going to want a soda to wash that down with. If you give him a soda he’s going to develop high blood pressure and diabetes. If he develops diabetes he’ll have to get a leg amputated. If he gets a leg amputated the doctor is going to give him a handicap placard. If he gets a handicap placard he’s going to hog all the good parking spots at Walmart. If he hogs all the good parking spots then he’s going to be first in line for the brand new WoW release. If he gets the new WoW release he’s going to want some salty snacks to go with it…

  12. Foe-on Nine says:

    Is it okay to soak the little fellas in brine?

  13. Dragonfang says:

    Qwill, I think the diabetes issue was resolved when we figured it was okay to give them sugar.

  14. Suestrav says:

    I think I’ll stick with giving a moose a muffin.

  15. IQtest says:

    Now some foods or additives can cause harm to specific species but I always operated under the premise: A fed animal is a dead animal.

    Why you might ask? Well for one thing when wild animals loose their fear of humans they do not become tame and can still be, well wild.

    Also when them cute critters get used to getting food easier from humans they don’t hoard or find food like they should and when winter comes around and those humans, tourists often, aren’t around to give that free food? Ahh starvation, but someone will eat in the ecosystem.

    Now I find I can feed them anything but salty food? Man I feel stupid for beating up all those tourists at National Parks…

  16. ruubiiee.x says:

    It could really just mean:
    Do not feed the chipmunks.
    because, you know, it’s what everyone does these days. Just shout out the words salty foods.

  17. Mapletree says:

    I LOVE THAT BOOK!!!!!! i think there are two books though. if you give a moose a muffin.. and if you give a mouse (i think??) a cookie… anyways, love em!

  18. Madi says:

    Actually, if chipmunks are fed salty foods, they will crap out their intestines 😀

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