I Won’t if You Won’t

Funny Signs - I Won't if You Won't

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Don’t? Don’t what?! I HAVE TO KNOW!!!

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32 Responses to I Won’t if You Won’t

  1. keithybabes says:

    DONUT. There, fixed that.

  2. Steeleye5 says:

    the ultimate cliff hanger

  3. bob_super says:

    Dont run out of ink.
    Dont get blank page syndrome.
    Dont do things we can’t print.
    Dont forget the ‘ when you write don’t.
    Just dont
    … you know it’s wrong

    • Don't says:

      Don’t go into the house.
      Don’t open this door.
      Don’t check out the basement.
      Don’t look behind,
      Don’t look in there,
      Don’t look up,
      Don’t look anywhere,
      Don’t scream for help,

  4. The Amazing Rando says:

    …squeeze the Charmin?

  5. no_need says:

    OMG SO DO I!!!

  6. Cheshire Swift says:

    It’s very zen. You simultaneously do and don’t have a wonderful warm weekend.

  7. 4th horseman says:

    Its a Schrodinger’s cat type paradox. Have a wonderful weekend AND don’t have one. You won’t collapse the wave until Monday morning. THEN and only then will you know for sure.

    • bob_super says:

      I know a lot of people who don’t collapse the wave on Mondays. “How was your weekend?” “well, I don’t know, okay maybe”. They are happier with the uncertainty than with a definite result.

    • 4th horseman says:

      Perhaps you don’t sufficiently collapse their wave when you ask how their weekend was.

  8. TheNoun says:

    The suspense is killing me.

  9. David says:

    Schrödinger’s weekend

  10. justme says:

    …go on break in the middle of finishing a sign. Forgetting to finish like that simultaneously confuses and pisses people off.

  11. IndieSinger says:

    … omit apostrophes.

  12. Seibee says:

    Left blank for your own arrest record.

  13. fluke1993 says:

    oddly unspecific

  14. LeeshaJoy says:

    Just DON’T. *wags finger*

  15. Costel says:

    Don’t ok?… just don’t!
    But… But I just…
    DON’T!! Trust me… it’s better if you (puts hand on shoulder) don’t.
    What if I…
    (puts finger to lips as to say shhhh then quietly, almost whispered): don’t

  16. Matt J says:

    I feel late because i was gonna put “DON’T What!? DON’T WHAAATTTT!!!???”

  17. Brooke says:

    Gosh… That really isn’t sincere. Here these people are telling us to have a nice, warm weekend. But, at the same time don’t have one?

    The people who write these signs really do seem to have grudges.

  18. Kaine says:

    aw damn. these people accidentally the whole sign lol

  19. Saitaina says:

    Drink and Drive is my guess, though after my weekend…

    Let your mother play cards until 3am (then you have to drive her home and babysit her all day while she is groggy and attempts to eat via her belly button)

  20. Jim A says:

    Technically speaking, isn’t this oddly nonspecific?

  21. krunkitteh says:

    nope, they accidenty the sign.

  22. Grumblesocks says:

    Just don’t do it!

  23. Thalia says:

    … forget to finish what you start.

  24. araxiel says:

    …mention Candlejack, because we all know what happe

  25. Caspurt says:

    …write “don’t” here or you will be eaten by a giant dinosaur

  26. OfJune says:

    … be over taken by the zombies. They’ve already got us.

  27. IRock says:

    Don’t have a wonderful warm weekend!

    Wait, what?

  28. mGlottalstop says:

    I’m guessing it’s a deliberate play on the expression “don’t forget to write” which usually is said to people taking a break.
    The joke being, of course, that they forgot to write “forget to write.”

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