Don’t Tell Angelina

Funny Signs - Don't Tell Angelina

Submitted by: baltimore via Oddly Specific

Finally, a store that’s making good on all those threats regarding unattended children.

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49 Responses to Don’t Tell Angelina

  1. Mel says:

    I’ll pass. They’re more trouble than their worth. Even free.

  2. No thanks, you can keep ’em.

  3. Seibee says:

    We used to offer to put unruly ones in the dog crates. This seems like a better option.

  4. bob_super says:

    Low value proposition. For most people, making your own is free.

    For those who can’t, that’s one heck of a bargain!

    • Alligator3 says:

      I would have to disagree with you. While little, if any, investment of money is involved in making kids, plenty of time and effort goes into the whole process. This looks like a pretty good deal to me.

  5. MaxArt says:

    Or Madonna.

  6. OMG says:

    lol, I saw this in real life, I visited the store where they had this sign. it’s a video place. 😛

  7. Over 9000 says:

    Wait, where should I see for details?
    Wait, where should I see for details?

  8. Tigger says:

    It might be more of a motivational poster. You know, free kids…from the burdens of homework…or from juvenile prison…

    • Van says:

      It’s from Hollywood video! They’ve been screwing em up even more. I need to get pictures of the ones here. “NO DU DATES.” Fail.

  9. Moeremon says:

    I’d rather enslave them. Less food.

  10. 5150 says:

    Now when you say free kids, do these cretins come with enough food, clothes, video games, and college tuitions? If so, count me in!!!

  11. Starsky says:

    Maybe its a protest?
    “Fight the power! Free Children! Let my kiddies go!”

  12. DaBanjo says:

    See store for details.


  13. Your innerself says:

    This is a bed store and seller do test drive…
    Rumor say they hire Tiger Wood!

  14. Shadow says:

    I think that may of been the Simpson moke-up of those US 7-11 Stores a few years back when the simpson movie came out.

  15. evilsaHa says:

    It’s from a Hollywood Video or Movie Gallery… Too bad most have gone out of business. Guess giving away free kids wasn’t the answer.

  16. Nic says:

    They’re not really free, I’m paying for them.

  17. failbLOLg says:

    There is one of these signs near where I live. It is a video store chain, and that sign is the same design as all of the other advertisements in the store.

    Which means 2 things. Not only do more than one of these signs exist, but the corporate office sent it to all of the stores and never caught it!

  18. heather says:

    While this is funny at first, working at the store with this poster in the window and the resulting dozen or so people who come in thinking they are oh so clever and unique asking where the kids are will strip it violently of any of its charm.
    Thanks hollywood video for cheaping out and omitting the word “movies.”

  19. Becky says:

    Well they obviously want you to take them away. They put “See store for details” twice!

  20. That guy says:

    I used to work at one of those store… We hated that joke

  21. jubjub449 says:

    I’ts probably the Octomom’s- I hear she has too many.

  22. Myke says:

    That’s from a Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery. I worked at one and my boss didn’t get it when I pointed out that the sign was missing a word. No wonder the entire company is bankrupt and going under.

  23. Jeff says:

    I actually walked into the store and asked for my fee kid. The lady laughed and said oh yeah, that was a mistake.

    If the sign was a mistake, why the heck did you put it up? And where is my free kid???

  24. Evan says:

    LOL I saw this at movie gallery just a few weeks ago, never thought to post it here though. Although the reaction to being asked for a free kid was priceless.

  25. Kofik says:

    LMAO @ Movie Gallery, my mums store had this up. I was WAITING for this to show

  26. TheNoun says:

    First pirated DVDs, now pirated children!

  27. Eeveeninja77 says:

    I saw that sign and I even took a picture of it! I wish I had submitted it first…

  28. Reye says:

    Damn. And I was planning to post this same picture. 🙂 There’s a sign like this in my local Movie Gallery.

  29. hannah says:

    Haha, I saw this at my video store. I love how the small print says the same thing, just in two different fonts.

  30. S.R. says:

    Yeah this I saw one of these signs in Portland, OR. the one by the Sandy Safeway lol. Amazing sign!

  31. YourMom! says:

    I actually saw that!
    Its at a video store right?

  32. Gary Perlman says:

    At the bottom of the sign it says:

    See store for details.

    That;s for people who can’t read some fonts?
    Maybe they had a fontal labotomy?

  33. meh says:

    Yea, hollywood video has had those for a while. I walked into one shortly after seeing the sign, and its not surprising they’re going out of business.

  34. Indomitus says:

    (man walks in) “Pardon me, but do you have a kids menu here?”
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Good. I’ll take an 8-year old Asian boy, a 9-year old Hispanic boy, and a pair of blonde 7-year old twins …. to go. Oh, and a chocolate malt. With chocolate ice cream.”
    Pedobear gives the place 5 stars!

  35. nick says:

    i know where this is, it is on a blockbuster that closed in kennesaw georgia.i was going to put it on here before but then i forgot.

  36. teracoda says:

    oH My god, this is a picture of the same sign that i was going to upload XD i wonder if its really the one from our dvd rental place…?

  37. Distort says:

    LOL. Freaking Hollywood…it’s no wonder they’re going out of buisness. ;p

  38. remy says:

    LOL I saw that too

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