Dead Furniture Costs More

Funny Signs - Dead Furniture Costs More

Submitted by: Tacoma, WA via Oddly Specific

Sure they’re cheaper, but what do you feed a sofa?

Fine, but I prefer my mattresses be thoroughly killed and dried before being put to use, thanks.


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35 Responses to Dead Furniture Costs More

  1. Tyrant says:

    Yerr, be sure to kill it if it gets too annoying!

  2. Craig says:

    Fir-, HA! Seriously, could you imagine?

    I don’t think I want something living with 50% off/missing.

  3. Rob says:

    What do you feed a sofa? Couch potatoes…

  4. Blu says:

    Haven’t you ever read the Red Dwarf books? You feed them sausages!

  5. MacDracor says:

    Saw this with my mother and I HAD to take a pic. LOL

  6. Kae says:

    Fine, but I prefer my mattresses be thoroughly killed and dried before being put to use, thanks.

  7. What’s the discount on the dead furniture?

  8. Mattbert says:

    My sofa eats loose change.

  9. Dent says:

    Fleep! How’d you get here?

  10. lameo says:

    I wonder if Ben Stiller works there.

  11. G. James says:


  12. fish eye no miko says:

    Change and TV remotes.

  13. Snookie_Townshend says:

    Great, now I have this mental image of a zombie sofa lurching through the living room groaning “Stuuuuuufffing…” Night Of The Living Dead Couch, anyone?

    • keithybabes says:

      There’s a classic episode of Dr Who from the 70s where a sofa eats a man: google ‘Terror of the Autons’. It made me want to hide be hind the sofa, or, indeed, not.

  14. Al Gore says:

    Doesn’t matter what they eat, just feed them children. Like children will, the couches will die if you feed them parasites

  15. David McIntosh says:

    Most sofas live on a balanced diet of remote controls, potato chips, and whatever ends up in the cracks during sex.

  16. Madpsychobunny says:

    Ahh, this is where they got the furniture for the movie “Bruno”

  17. a creep says:


  18. Jane Doe says:

    Sofa pizza, duh. (like form The Hangover)

  19. Loke Groundrunner says:

    Bah. Hasn’t anyone ever played World Of Darkness?

    It’s called Vicissitude, people. Fleshcrafting for those of you uneducated in vampiric disciplines.

  20. Ellusion says:

    Ha! This is from Cost Plus World Market, by the Tacoma mall. I recognize that sign. I love that store, zombie furniture and all. ❤

  21. Mr. Literal says:

    And for all these years, I thought, “Is your refrigerator running?” was just the start of a prank phone call….

  22. MoonHitler says:

    Reminds me of H2G2.

  23. smokewagon says:

    Kae used a Douglas Adams reference (Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy) and nobody noticed…sad, sad, day:(

  24. Brambleface says:

    Initially, living furniture does cost less, but when you add up the cost up feeding and healthcare, the bill adds up. Seriously, couch food costs so much today. I recommend getting the dead furniture. Sure, it costs much more, but in the long run it saves you money. Well, maybe not with all the Febreeze you’ll need to buy. Just get the robot couch. It takes care of itself.

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