Hello, Clarice

Funny Signs - Hello, Clarice

Submitted via Oddly Specific

Does that mean I’m not going to get any lotion?

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24 Responses to Hello, Clarice

  1. A Noun says:

    Must be Admiral Ackbar’s office

  2. Your innerself says:

    It will cost you your skin to come back!

  3. leavealoner says:

    I like this one!

  4. JoeDirt says:

    long as I got a copy of auto trader to look at. Dang, August, I don’t got this one. Aww check this out, ’71 Kuda, plum crazy purple, this guy wants $14,000. WHAAAAA?

    It puts the Joe Dirt in the hole!

  5. Chass says:

    Will I have to put the lotion on my skin?

  6. G. James says:

    By the way: nonetheless is one word.

  7. Seibee says:

    it puts the lotion on it’s skin..

    • Hope says:

      It puts the superfluous apostrophe in its word. And an extra dot at the end of its sentence.

  8. Zedo Mann says:

    IT’S A TRAP!

  9. Tubcleaner says:

    Must be on the entrance to my previous employer.

  10. Hachi Gatsu says:

    “It put’s the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again!”

    “It puts the Joseph in the hole. Hello? Anybody!”

  11. Alpha-Beta says:

    Hey Bill, what’s wrong with this door? It isn’t opening.
    You didn’t close it did you? Oh, please tell me you didn’t close it.
    Well, my mother always told me to close the door behind me.
    You fool! Now we’re trapped forever!
    *door opens* Pipe down will ya?
    *silence* …If I hear you say one thing about poetic justice there will be blood.

  12. The Random Dude says:


  13. Night says:

    The part that I think was meant to be reassuring made it soooo much creepier… Also putting this on the door to my boss’s office, what a chatterbox. XD

  14. Dragonman2.0 says:

    So, we’ll be “Saw” trapped then?

  15. Joe says:

    I don’t think you’ll need lotion, you’ll be trapped in a room full of green Jell-o, OH THE HOORRROOORRRR!!!!

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