WHOA! That’s My #2 Problem!

Funny Signs - WHOA!

Submitted by: A Pharmacy in Pennsylvania via Oddly Specific

I’d shop here. It seems like they have an excess of good moral fiber. Or maybe it’s a lack. I’m not really sure.

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14 Responses to WHOA! That’s My #2 Problem!

  1. Oh look funny title! *Sarcasmcough*

  2. Seibee says:

    Unconvinced by the uneven and shoddy lettering. I’d take my bowel complaints elsewhere.

  3. Rich says:

    “WHOA! That’s My #2 Problem!”

    For me it’s problems #2 and #3.

  4. Beavis says:

    I poop too much…

  5. Hmmm, notice the Burger King in the background. Perhaps that is a wonderful spot for a sign like that, because a minute out of BK, it hits you.

  6. Michelle says:

    I poop too much…

  7. aphexZero says:

    But the Burger King is right there, straight ahead!

  8. GilFisher says:

    How much is too much?

  9. Saitaina says:

    …I was going to make a comment that it hopefully wasn’t another fast food resterant but that’s been done to death.

    Too bad my bowels aren’t bi-polar enough to shop there.

  10. Laura says:

    This is so weird.. but i was looking at this picture.. and this is in my town. HAHAHAHA i never saw the sign but i can tell by the ugly background

  11. Drac is Back says:

    I would hope you have a plumbing service as well…

  12. Sierra says:

    The services they offer for your problems:
    ~A plunger
    ~A butt plug

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