They’re Very Receptive to Complaints

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Can’t you just imagine THAT phone call to customer service?

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36 Responses to They’re Very Receptive to Complaints

  1. Aaron says:

    Ah yes… they had to include the scenario of one in a state of both pregnancy and drunkenness.

    • Fawfulster says:

      Reminded me of the iTunes installations contrat that tells you to not press the button if you’re going to make weapons of mass destrucion or something like that.

  2. Mel says:

    being drunk or pregnant can lead to both of the other things.

  3. megagimp says:


  4. ManZa says:

    I wonder who this applies to…

    • Eludya says:

      Just like I said to some co-workers last night: If it’s on the warning label, you know someone, somewhere, has done it.

      Regardless of how obviously moronic of an idea it was.

    • senrath says:

      Not entirely. A lot of them are just basic “cover-our-ass” maneuvers, to prevent suing. The “do not eat” and “do not throw at spouse” might have happened, though, since those are rather far from the normal “don’t operate while drunk” type of warnings.

    • Peter W2IRT says:

      Take a listen on your local ham repeater and you’ll never need to ask that question.

  5. AC says:

    Wait… I’m confused. Am I allowed to throw my spouse at the antenna? What if she is drunk, pregnant, or both?

  6. samuel mintz says:

    Can your drunk, pregnant spouse throw it at you?

  7. Deft Punk says:

    The sad thing is, those warnings are probably there because some idiot’s tried to sue them for that.

  8. Walter Mascrat says:

    Something of a history of unsuccessful lawsuits I bet

  9. Andrew says:

    who would throw an antenna at their spouse, then complain about it? who are these people, what drugs are they on and how can I get some?

  10. curious says:

    the person who wrote that has a keen knowledge of idiots 🙂

  11. JamJam says:

    A drunk, pregnant woman throwing an anntenna at her husband?
    Sounds like a friday night to me.

  12. Hai Dee says:

    With the original covered, how do we know that they didn’t just make that up??

  13. Fallow says:

    So, I can through it at people I’m not married to? My neighbors, for example?

  14. Seibee says:

    Make your drunk, pregnant spouse eat the antenna.

  15. Steeleye5 says:

    uh… i’m hungry and there’s only an antenna to eat

  16. 5150 says:

    So, can I ram it up my spouse’s butt instead of throwing it at him?? I’m just so confused on what I’m really supposed to do with the antenna!!!

  17. sophia says:

    sooo may i get pregnant, drunk, throw the antenna at my spouse and then eat him?

  18. says:

    You may be a redneck when…
    …you still receive TV via an antenna.

    • taitano says:

      You know those satellite dist thingys people attach to their houses? What do you think that is? Ayup. That’s a form of ground-plane directional antenna. The actual unit is in that little thing suspended in front of the actual dish.

      This one picks up free, local HDTV signals, so it’s not as “redneck” as you might think.

  19. Scott says:

    Unless they mean the state of drunkenness in which one would have just gotten pregnant.

  20. Urh says:

    I’ve heard of weird cravings during pregnancy…but an antenna? Seriously? You’d have to be pretty drunk to want to chow down on one of those.

  21. Opheliac says:

    What if I don’t know if I’m pregnant yet? Do I have to wait until I get a test? Could you maybe include one so I can be 100% sure I’m using this correctly?

  22. Hope says:

    Now they’ve just put themselves in danger for a discrimination lawsuit by a pregnant woman.

  23. lameo says:

    Only someone who was drunk or pregnant would think of an antenna as food.

  24. PiperK says:

    All right! It doesn’t say anything about kids, pets or both! LOL!!

  25. jiggasan says:

    i’ve actually bought an antenna from this company and it is actually on the instructions. couldn’t believe it

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