Stickman Infiltrates House. Of. Horrors!

Hello intrepid readers! Welcome to this week’s edition of Stickmen In Peril. After watching his beloved LadyStick get carried away by an insidious tide, we needed to take a week to regroup. It turns out that the tide took her into a foreboding looking house and we needed time to travel and find suitable infiltration disguises.

Pretty brilliant huh?

Wild Stickman Catcher: Rebecca F

But now that we’ve disembarked from the train, we’re ready to go. Let’s skip ahead……
It’s like a work of art seeing Sticky’s masterful skill at picking a lock; shame you guys missed it. Wait, what’s that Sticky? Don’t you shush me. I’ll narrate your adventures at my own peril thankyouverymuch.

Wild Stickman Catcher: Jennifer S

Oh no! It seems that LadyStick’s captors knew we were coming. They must have done this trope before. We’ll have to be super…OHMYGODITBURNS! Don’t just stand there Stickman, lower that force field and save me!

Wild Stickman Catcher: David S

I’m okay…I’m okay. Stickman pulled me out of the line of fire. Typical super-villainy, sending robots to do your dirty work. Now which way should we go? They’ll be sending another wave of minions soon. Well, we’re certainly not going THAT WAY.

Wild Stickman Catcher: Jennifer S

Will Stickman and myself manage to rescue LadyStick? Or will we fall victim to one of traps laid before us? Tune in next week to find out! And remember, if you see a wild Stickman please report him to me at

-Lady Of Odd

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8 Responses to Stickman Infiltrates House. Of. Horrors!

  1. Matt J says:

    Teh Robot Arms are Rebelling! Run Stick people! RUN!

  2. DrPluton says:

    The second one seems to indicate that it is alright to pick your nose there.

  3. Seibee says:

    Masterful use of MS Paint on the top pic XD. And only headless people can ride the lift? Who knew?

  4. Too lazy to log on says:

    The second one is digging for gold

  5. bonola says:

    Has this material been utilized in a video game yet?

  6. yeebok says:

    These stickmen ones suck. They’re dull, and boring. Not saying I can do better but the site would be better without them. My 2c.

  7. The One Guy says:

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting a TV Tropes link from this site, nontheless the post itself!

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