Not Quite

Funny Signs - Not Quite

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Another gem from everyone’s favorite evil corporation.

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14 Responses to Not Quite

  1. Yakko Warner says:

    “Another gem from everyone’s favorite evil corporation.”

    Microsoft’s making handbags now?

  2. wizpip says:

    Everyone’s favourite evil corporation? Umbrella?

  3. bob_super says:

    Thanks, I needed yet another proof that I don’t know shit about fashion.

  4. Filipe says:

    Can’t you see that’s clearly a new scarf-handbag hybrid. Why keep your hands busy with handbags?! Just wear it on the neck!

  5. VampJoseph says:

    Those are the weirdest scarves I’ve ever seen. At least they have pockets.

  6. me_can_san says:

    I think it’s Black Mesa, or Aperture Labs.

  7. berman says:

    This is more of a FAIL than an oddly specific….

  8. Fallout Boy says:

    Silly handbags… Thinking You’re scarves

  9. mallie says:

    Ummmm….No—but thanks for playing! We have some lovely parting gifts for you!

  10. Caitlin says:

    Do they mean Tesco??

  11. Chaos_undivided says:

    Scarves? I think not!

  12. The Jimmy says:


  13. Jesus_Almighty says:

    Y’know, I’ve always had one big issue with scarves: there are so many ways to wear one; I never know which one to pick. This particular hybrid makes that tough decision so much easier – you just hang it around the neck and you’re done! …. The wonders of fashion….

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