Any Udder Warnings?

Submitted by: On the side of a Barn in Maine via Oddly Specific

You probably think this is just a bunch of bull, but it’s no laughing matter. If you see a sign like this, make sure to hoof it out of there quick. Farmers tend to have a real beef with trespassers.

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28 Responses to Any Udder Warnings?

  1. cziizi says:

    what an udderly ridiculous sign! Hugh Heifer wouldn’t hurt anyone!

    I’ll just be bovine along now… 😉

    • Asu says:

      This isn’t funny. My mother was killed by an attack cow. This sign is a very serious warning to any who would trespass.

    • The Anonymii says:

      I think you mean attack bull.
      There’s no such thing as attack cows.

      And no, it’s not even a very serious warning.
      Most people are able to outrun cows.

  2. JMixx says:

    It’s the sister of Interrupting C- “MOOOO!”

    It’s Attack C- *THUD* *Crash* *tinkle*

  3. Linder says:

    How now, mad cow?

  4. curious says:

    Well, if that doesn’t make you mooove away from the premises, nothing will.

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    Maybe it’s Man-Eating Cow?

  6. bob_super says:

    It was another nasty divorce. he will get over it eventually.

  7. Your innerself says:

    Mowwwwve away!

  8. Attack Post says:

    There’s a whole series of these signs for owners of a variety of animals. In my house now there are “attack gecko” and “attack ferret” signs.

  9. SLizzy says:

    The sign is likely all in good tongue-in-cheek fun, but cows actually can be VERY protective and will eff your sh*t up something fierce if you get too close (and too close can be pretty far away if there isn’t a fence) and they don’t know/like you.

  10. B says:

    My friend was once chased by an angry bull, and that was pretty scary. Of course, that was a bull, not a cow…

  11. Guybrush says:

    You fight like a dairy farmer.

  12. Tripp says:

    You have to “ox” yourself if it’s just some “kine” of joke.

  13. RiderLeangle says:

    If you ignore these warnings it’d be an udder disaster…

  14. Bookmobiler says:

    You rather milked that one.

  15. Fel says:

    I almost bought one of these. Great signs.

  16. Schilcote says:

    I wouldn’t like to piss of a cow… they weigh three or four tons…

  17. ethd says:

    Oh burger. I’m udderly shocked by the kind of puns we have here. Seriously, you guys, scary charging cows are not something to cheesily laugh about. Don’t milk it. You’d butter take those back or you’re gonna get one heifer of a surprise.

    (Recycled puns? Maybe. I’m not very good at farm jokes.)

  18. Caitlyn! says:

    You really milked that for all it was worth!

  19. clarence says:

    I have a sign like this but it says redneck instead of cow.

  20. Dr. Pinkysmell says:

    “Thanks” for “highlighting” the “Jokes”! I didn’t “get it” the first time. Now I get “it”.

  21. victor burch says:


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