How Poetic!

Funny Signs - How Poetic!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

I. Over in the West
the grasses have no feelings.
Trample all you want.

II. Bad translations are
their only purpose in life.
Engrish Funny

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26 Responses to How Poetic!

  1. WC says:

    Probably should actually get a translation before you call this a bad one. I see the characters for ‘little’ ‘grass’ and ‘rest’ right near each other. This might actually be a true translation.

    Someone was having a funny and you decided that they were ignorant for it.

    • ybfelix says:

      As a native I can confirm that is a correct translation from Chinese

    • Feyn says:

      Yes, it’s correct. Could have been translated better, but it’s still correct.

    • Lizard says:

      I don’t think it’s the translation anyone is questioning, it’s just a funny statement. Shhhh…Little grasses are resting. If this was just in one language I think it would still be amusing.

    • Mel says:

      It’s a cultural thing, accept it.

    • Hope says:

      Except the part where it says “II. Bad translations are their only purpose in life.”

    • kamizilla says:

      It’s a literal translation, yes–but that doesn’t mean it’s a good one. The purpose of translation is not simply to equate word for word, but to express the closest possible meaning in a logical, understandable way. In other words – there’s nothing wrong with it, except the literal translation is damn funny. It shows a little bit of ignorance, but I don’t think anyone’s being mean-spirited about that fact.

  2. bob_super says:

    So if I’ve got shoes or 6 toes, I can trample the little buggers right?

  3. Ann says:

    Actually, this translation is perfect. There’s no idiom being lost or translation or anything. It’s exactly what it is in English: a cute way of telling people to please not walk on the grass.

  4. Music-chan says:

    I find this sign amusing. Not because it might be wrong (but as people have pointed out, it’s NOT badly translated) but because I like the idea of “little grasses.” so cute!

  5. orion says:

    They spelled “donut” wrong 🙂

  6. A. Non Ymous says:

    that second haiku in the caption isn’t a haiku

  7. pj says:

    These kind of signs are pretty common in China. They rarely just say “keep off the grass”, but rather say things like “the little flowers are your friends, please don’t trample on them” etc. Sometimes there is an English translation like this, sometimes the English just says Keep Off The Grass.

  8. skeptic says:

    That sign is Chinese
    Haiku is Japanese
    Do not mix those two

  9. Michelle says:

    I don’t think it’s the translation anyone is questioning, it’s just a funny statement. Shhhh…Little grasses are resting. If this was just in one language I think it would still be amusing.

  10. person says:

    Seems like it would be better at Engrish Funny than Oddly Specific, even if it was translated perfectly.

  11. tincan says:

    Why call this bad translation when it’s translated perfectly? The only correction I would add is DONOT -> DO NOT.

  12. thyssenelevator97 says:

    ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!

  13. Daedalus says:

    That’s really cool. A “don’t walk on the grass” sign written in haiku.

  14. tablo says:

    THIS isn’t a bad translation.

  15. Someone says:

    Little grasses are resting.
    All your base are belong to us.

    Who hired the zero wing translators?!

  16. kamizilla says:

    Haha – go to China and speak Chinese with English grammatical structures and expressions, then see how good Chinese people think your Chinese is.

    xiao cai zai xiuxi, qing wu da rao

    –oh, and you people forgot the “shi” 嘘 at the top – you know, because making noise disturbs the sleeping grass. Kind of wonder why they decided not to translate that.

  17. barfy says:

    this is a correct translation. they were just trying to be cute, but im sure you imbeciles got the point, right? KEEP OFF THE F*CKING GRASS

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