He Flies Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease

Funny Signs - He Flies Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

There are only two words that come to mind when I see the expression on Stickman’s face: insurance fraud. Medical bills aren’t cheap, you know.

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39 Responses to He Flies Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease

  1. shego219 says:

    Is he… is he giving a double thumbs up as well?

  2. Crystal says:

    Wow not only a big cheesy grin but two thumbs up too? Who knew an accident could be so awesome!

  3. Nocturnvs says:

    Pretty sure he’s thinking:
    “Who has two thumbs and is about to die a horrible death?
    This guy right here!”

  4. caitiallison says:

    Is he giving a thumbs-up? Awesome…I think…(?)

  5. Sophyra says:

    What made me laugh is the two thumbs up he’s giving.

  6. jklinders says:

    The double thumbs up is a perfect touch. I have to wonder if this sign was altered.

  7. Astragali says:

    Well, Stickman doesn’t think it’s dangerous… Two thumbs up, and a smile on his face? He’s clearly enjoying this.

  8. I don’t know anyone who’s ever been happier to be thrown from a moving vehicle.

  9. dr.wolf says:

    what mr.hands OH!NOOO

  10. Eric says:

    Smiling AND double thumbs up. Stickman is an eternal optimist.

  11. RiderLeangle says:

    OK.. I’m the first person to comment and I’m STILL beaten to the joke I was going to make.. WTF man…

  12. Kina says:

    This is always how I look when I’m crashing through my windshield.

  13. JMixx says:

    Look, he’s already had his hands amputated, and he just has those little hooks!

    THAT’s gonna trigger an insurance investigation.

  14. PrinnygoesBoom says:

    who knew going through your window would make you smile and makes you give two thumbs up?

  15. Seibee says:

    Smiley face and thumbs-up? He totally did that on purpose.

  16. Mikeado says:

    I like how the one being crashed into is completely unaffected by the impact and is just like “Oh, now that’s strange!”

  17. blokeice says:

    dangerous intersection is dangerous.

  18. ding says:

    He’s like “Yay! Thank God for high speed collisions! *d^_^b*”

  19. Philly-Mom says:

    Happy Stickman demonstrates the importance of a seatbelt.
    Happy Stickman won’t be very happy in a few moments.

    Please. Don’t pull a Stickman. Buckle up.

  20. Craig says:

    One has got to love the “two thumbs-up”. And since stickman is outside the confines of the windshield envelope (see whoosh stripes), I wonder if this is really some SuperHero responding to the crash, rather than the victim (who in my scenario is under the dash).

    • JustOlJon says:

      I think you’re on to something – SuperHero StickMan is responding to the accident, wielding his metal-cutting thumbs in order to remove the driver of the car on the left through the roof….

  21. wilhalen says:

    Love the thumbs up he’s giving.

  22. Metz says:

    Next up in the exhibit is this artist’s rendering of the fearsom predator Caraptor leaping to attack its favorite prey, the Boxysaurus.

    Note the painstaking details the artist used to denote the frightenly gleeful manner in which this fierce beast launches its attack.

    I notice this particular artist has also paid heed to the recent discoveries that the Boxysaurus appears to be an ancestor of Mr. Bill. In fact, fossil records indicate…blah blah blah…

  23. Zib says:

    Such a carefree smile with his thumbs up… This sign makes me want to try this since it looks so fun!

  24. Em The Mildly Amazing says:

    George of the Jungle reference FTW! 😀

  25. Sexy Sadie says:


  26. G says:

    Perhaps stickman is extremely cheerful because he is in a new deathless world where disembodied heads float in cars.

  27. 5150 says:

    Is it just me, or is something seriously wrong with his thumbs?? Maybe just double-jointed, no?

  28. TheNoun says:

    “I just wanted to congratulate you on that excellent car crash!”

  29. zack says:

    I looked very closely its marked with sharpie, the flying stickman has same face as the driver in the car, only that corners was marked away as ifhes smiling! and then they added the thumbs!

  30. I says:

    At first glance it looks like he could be holding a couple of small knives. Murderous stickman?

  31. wolf says:

    …..not even a crack in the wind shield this guy is good

  32. look where it is dark♥ says:

    LMAO He’s all “WHEEEEEEEE!” and the guy in the car’s like “WTF!?!?!?”

  33. Rickster says:

    Did anyon notice the left hand side?


    Is this an ambulance chasers advertisement?

    I’m thinking:

    Specializing in Accident Law
    Call or click

  34. Rofl Wizard says:

    So, wait….. he WANTED to get hit? Is that what the thumbs are for?

  35. Lauryntonio says:

    For some reason, whilst reading the comments I thought of that Futurama episode. . .the “All’s Well That’s Roswell” Or whatever . . .
    “Man, those things cost more lives than they save.”
    /flies through the windshield upon impact/

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